Hi PC players!

  • I have played nearly 1200 hours on PC and countless hours on XBOX. Trust me, Keyboard and mouse is superior.

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    Controls are pretty much the same for any first person game lol. Nobody pushes the wrong buttons anymore than people on a controller.

  • Pretty much. You can’t even change the binds on console(For most games) ;_;

  • I’ll leave it alone but I just don’t understand how people believe chivalry is better with a keyboard and mouse than with a device that was made for playing games lol

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    If controllers are so good for playing games tell me why first person shooters on console have aim assist?

  • LB+A to dodge. A second wasted dodging.Not to mention the jumps you do when it doesn’t work. KB+M you press a key near to where you are playing or a mouse button which takes way less than a second.

    Heard of gaming keyboards?
    #PC master race #60FPS #Servers.

  • Mouse>Analog sticks, hope this answers your question.

  • @lemonater47 I don’t use aim assist so I wouldn’t know. I can assume it makes games easier just like I’m suggesting a controller does lol.

    I’m saying what I’m saying cause some treat chivalry with a controller like rocket science, seriously. If a 10 year old can play this game with a controller (Trust me they do) then anyone can. It’s not that difficult. I’m not trying to claim Console>PC or nothing like that, I just think that people claiming that playing with a controller makes you “unskilled” or “takes away from the gaming experience”, is wrong.

    As for difficulty between the two I’ll take Harold’s word for it cause he’s been in both worlds. But I digress this was never supposed to be about comparing controllers to mouse + keyboard, this is about game content.

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    A 10 year old can play this game with a mouse and keyboard. I know a 10 year old who plays this game with a mouse and keyboard.

    You can also change the controls to fit you. Giving your a rather large edge over someone else. It’s more responsive and precise with those two things being critical to this game.

  • The other thing you can do on the PC is change the field of view to 150 and then you can see eeeeeverything all at once and be leet.

  • @giantyak: that’s true.

    Well I won’t make a big deal out of it anymore, its caused enough of a barrier between the two port communities already.

  • You might as well have both versions. You will have more choices to friend and servers on both then. Why its like having
    an extra movie channel tbh. Off course you should only play Knight class you know…

  • Some saltiness left from the now locked thread? XXXDDD

    I’m just messing with you, IMO I get tired of fighting knights sometimes too believe me as a vanguard with a zwei I get pissed when I work my ass off to get three hits but all it takes for them is a hit trade or two to kill.

    Are you suggesting a crossover Loin?

  • Man At Arms for days.

  • Had some jerk tonight spam vote kicked me for no reason backstabbed me and threw firepots when I was 1v1 someone in an LTS. I then proceeded to kill him with my trusty Zweihander. The trolling finally hit climax when I successfully kicked him and he sent a whole bunch of hate mail, saying I’m a beta scrub and the Zweihander is a broken weapon sucks and all that mess. He then came back to the game and TKed me. This went on for 15 minutes.

    He also said He was max level on PC chivalry yet I was able to end his life sooo easily (I’m a 48). So I questioned him about how I was able to kill him when he’s maxed on pc it and he got butt hurt. He was saying stupid shit like “Xbox Chivalry is broken” and “I could care less about the Xbox chivalry community” and stuff like that. Directly quoting from a message from him: “im at max level on pc, but my pc is broken so I have to play this laggy port where you can’t set up a server to restrict cheap weapons”. I ended it by saying I wouldn’t even spit in a PC chiv elitist direction and you just worsened my opinion…This scrubs gamertag is delta 6xxx or something like that. Wanted to know if this upstart belongs to you guys or is he making shit up?

    Don’t mean to bitch but, Yeah… if its true, sticking with Xbox 360. Would rather deal with Cod vets (aight I admit I play a little) and squeakers playing a quality game than pompous assholes like him. But First, I may duel him to put him in his place, the chivalrous way. WITH his scourge weapon XXXXDDDD ZWEI FTW!!!

    And to PC players like this guy you gonna hate on us stay TF out of our port.

  • I don’t mean to demonize all pc players I guess I’m a little salty right now XD

  • “max level” ayy.

  • @Xylvion:

    “max level” ayy.

    I wouldn’t know but is there?

  • @VizualDeciple:

    I wouldn’t know but is there?

    No, highest legit player is rank 69 atm.
    Max rank could possibly be the max size of an integer though, which is over 30k.

  • So you don’t know of a player named delta 6xxx that is 69 on pc chiv? What a liar that guy was lol he’s got the nerve to call me beta scrub but at least im legit :)

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