No connection set from DS_Inactive (on horde sandcastle map)

  • I get that error on the console while playing “to2-horde_sandcastle_p”, Im unable to do anything ingame, I cant spectate, cant chat nor call the “ESC” key menu, I can only pick a class and when I get to spawn (you automatically spawn between waves in that map), Im unable to move or chat or do ANYTHING at all.

    A couple days ago I used to play this map before completely fine, but now this error only happens to me on this map (other players dont have this issue on this server and I can play other maps just fine) and this only happened after I did a temporary file clean up (using CC cleaner tool) of my C: hard disk drive after getting several “disk full” warnings from windows (mind you these warnings only occured after playing this map).

    My guess is that ccleaner deleted some temporary files from C: that chivalry or the horde sandcastle map use, figure out wich ones…

    Here is screenshot of the console msg:

    Here is log file:

    Here is DxDiag file:

    Here is a portion of the log file that may signal the issue :

    [0131.94] DevDlc: DownloadableContentManager NewState DS_GetFileDetails
    [0131.95] DevDlc: DownloadableContentManager NewState DS_DownloadFiles
    [0131.95] DevDlc: DownloadableContentManager ResetConnection
    [0131.95] DevDlc: DownloadableContentManager NewState DS_Inactive
    [0131.97] Log: LoadMap: steam.90097016038218754/to2-horde_sandcastle_p?Name=Player?Team=255?game=sandcastle.SandcastleGame
    [0131.97] Log: --- LOADING MOVIE START ---
    [0132.02] Log: Current focused movie? SWF.GeneralManager
    [0132.06] Log: UTextureMovie::Stop
    [0132.06] Log: UTextureMovie::Stop
    [0132.09] Log: FSocketWin::Close
    [0132.09] Log: FSocketWin::Close
    [0132.09] Exit: IpNetDriverSteamworks_0 shut down
    [0132.11] DevDlc: SDK Level Mod: to2-horde_sandcastle_p
    [0152.49] Warning: Warning, ReadToken: Bad quoted string
    [0152.49] Error: Error, ImportText (Bindings): Property import failed for FriendlyName in: (Name="LeftAlt",SecondaryKey=,Command="GBA_Fire|GBA_MeleeLeft|GBA_Zoom",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False,Mod=False,bIgnoreMod=False,Flag="KBFlag_Utility|KBFlag_Weapon|KBFlag_Weapon",FriendlyName="PrimaryAttack
    [0156.24] Warning: Warning, Failed to compile Material Instance to2-horde_sandcastle_p.LandscapeMaterialInstanceConstant_12 with Base sandMix_Dup for platform PC-D3D-SM3, Default Material will be used in game.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? Ive noticed several threads (1-2 years ago) on this issue but no one replied a solution yet.

  • Sandcastle doesn’t use temp files.
    I would first try deleteing all map related files if that occurs only for this map and no other mods. (also the .cmwsdk file).
    UDK doesn’t load maps properly if some .u files have the same name in the CookedSDK folder even if they are in different subfolders.
    If that doesn’t fix it do a file integrity check on your chivalry installation via steam.
    In the end you can always reinstall.

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