Had a Great game

  • Had a great game, outnumbered but still epic.

    First was hit detection smashing them noobs in the face 5 or 6 times and coming off with 2 hits? uhh…… :(
    Then the hit boxes on the parry where nowhere to be found :(
    Then I get suck :(
    Get hit by a SHORTsword that missed a mile but clearly not because it hit me :/ hit tracer probibly not in sync with the weapon gives it what looks like atleast +10% length :(
    Then I press overhead once and somehow throw 3 attacks (not even in combo)
    Then I cant block at all press right mouse nothing happens (not that it did much anyway) :(

    Try join another server ‘view server info’ crash obviously this has been an issue as long as I can remember… :(

    GG TBS!

  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Many of those sounds like a combination of bad ping and computer problems.

  • @dudeface:


    Many of those sounds like a combination of bad ping and computer problems.

    The failed hit detections might be ping related. Everything else sounds just about right, getting stuck, input problems, crashes. Yup.
    Next time try to add a random insta-720-degree spin and some visual hits which deal no damage. Then your list should be complete.

  • Well ping definitely causes the ‘weapon hit me from 2 feet out of range’ sensation.
    Getting stuck, of course, is just terrible collision-detection with terrain/buildings.

  • 3 years ago I could suffer most of this and still have fun. Right now it’s rendered wits and strats useless, making the game plain and boring.
    There’s a reason or two so many people who used to love the game won’t play Torn Banner products again until their next game, and this is one of those turn-offs.

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