How to make Colosseum Map more Fun

  • So the Colosseum map has some pretty boring randomized elements, and all in all it seems pretty under whelming.

    However, some randomized elements are awesome, like the giant swinging axes and mauls of doom.

    Get rid of the forest variant, the mostly completely open ground element, and the fortress elements archers hide in. Replace with huge labyrinth of traps and swinging axes/mauls.

    Instantly more fun.

    Another cool idea is to turn those launch pads upside down and make them plunge players to their dooms if they step on them rather than throw them somewhere in the map. Would add to environmental awareness. And for the forest section, you can merge some spike traps into the trees.

  • Get rid of the map so we never have to play it.

  • Make it smaller and put traps closer to each other. Fix the horrific lighting and add hungry lions.

  • What server is it even hosted on? It’s one of my favourite maps and I never see the thing in action tbh.

  • Make sure people can’t climb the upper part of the colosseum, but has to enter the colosseum or die, like in the normal arena map.

    It’s really boring when people just get on the upper part or start hiding in the tunnels…

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