This game without mercs FHF:

  • You gotta use big forecasting skills and a shortsword/dagger in order to flinch something like a Halberd. Thats what I call b0lonce tbh. The gamble is real m8s.

  • What are you even trying to say?

  • You almost need to forecast a attack to flinch it, otherwise the man gets in release and you trade. Its way to hard to flinch people without mercs!

    For example, the only way I flinch people when I’m using zweihänder or greatsword is when they are caveman enough to not respect initiative and I combo into b0ckswings, like, I land a hit and combo into a backswing, my opponent attacks. In this situations I can (depending on the opponent setup) flinch him, but if he has broken shit like HWS or Norse then there is a huge chance of trading.

    Yesterday people were having problems to flinch me, and I was using a halberd so its fucking hard to flinch anything at all in vanilla chiv it seems. So if I want to flinch something, I have to gamble and forecast when my opponent is going to attack so I can be fast enough to hit him in windup, otherwise its a guaranteed trade.

    Or something like this tbh

  • yeah man, it’s rough playing weapons that you like but can’t because they’re too slow. I love poleaxe for example, but you get traded for every hit damn near unless like you said you forecast it or the other player is scrub tier. Pretty lame that you can’t play other classes too. I play knight mostly but not because I don’t like the other classes, it’s just the only one that can take the mindless hit trading in pubs. I like maa play, but even with fast 1 handed weapons, all the other person has to do to trade is like windup within .1 or .2 seconds of you and boom trade. Not to mention the slightest bit of ping difference will make the weapon hit before the windup animation is complete. YOu can hit someone during windup and the attack just keeps coming all the way dragged out and shit. Nonsense m8

  • rewarding backswing gamble into combos big skill m9 mercs best mod

  • just wondering can u flinch a repost in mercs?

  • @Dusty:

    rewarding backswing gamble into combos big skill m9 mercs best mod

    That’s the fun part in mercs, if your gamble works, you flinch the other dude and you’re the one on the offensive. If you gamble in vanilla you will most likely get punished for it with a hit trade.

  • @Dusty:

    rewarding backswing gamble into combos big skill m9 mercs best mod

    backswing-into-combo gambles always trade in vanilla. you shouldnt need trades to deal with gamblers, l2 aim

    the fact that you can say that when you play on vanilla you gamble into combos with norse lmb and force trade is astonishing

  • @Firecracker999:

    just wondering can u flinch a repost in mercs?


    Also yeah, the game would be much better if they’d take SOME of the mercs changed into live. IMO, mercs does good with FHF and slowing down alot of weapons. Outside of that, I think vanilla Chiv is pretty well-off.

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