Screen freezing on Battleground and Hillside

  • So… I’ve been experiencing this issue as soon as I got the game. Basically, my screen keeps freezing, going black then coming back to normal. Sometimes I even get minimized to desktop, but the game is still running. Usually when I log back in I am either dead or kicked from the server.

    Funnily this only occurs on those two maps. I’ve tried lowering all the settings to minimum to see if it works again, but it doesn’t. On the other maps I can play with max settings without any issues.

    I’ve tried all the solutions on game crashes or freezes, verified files, setup launch options, deleted stuff from My Documents/My Games, used V-Sync, went without V-sync but nothing really helped. Any replies would be appreciated, I’m very excited about this game, been following people playing on youtube but I just can’t play properly on just 3 maps considering the rotations.

    I’d also like to mention that I pass all requirements, however I can post them too if it’s neccessery.

  • Are your drivers up to date?

  • Yes they are, I upgraded both my Nvidia and IntelR drivers. Even upgraded my sound drivers.

  • Post your specs.
    Also attach My Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKgame\Logs\launch.log the next time it happens.

  • Intel® Core™ i3 CPU 540 3.07GHz 3.0.6 GHz
    RAM: 3 GB
    32-bit Op. System
    NVidea GeForce GT 240

    Those are it.

  • Right, I went windowed mode just to check some stuff out and see if it’ll work and whenever the screen freezing occurs, it notifies me that my display driver has stopped working but it’s recovered. I tried that ‘‘solution’’ with -forcelogflush on launch options. Suffice to say, nothing changed.

  • Bump, since the problem still persists.

  • More bump…

  • And some more bump.

  • Please attach a DxDiag.txt. Also, do you have any apps running in the background in Windows?

  • Hi, I have just brought the game and i am having much fun with it, But it seems i am getting this same problem with it Freezing and then a black screen!?

    As i said i do love playing it but when your in a battle ground and you freeze for 1-2mins then a black screen befor it coming back and your dead? not long after it happens again makes the game unplayerable?

    Help on this would be a big HELP INDEED! many thanx.

  • Bumping this because the exact same thing is happening to me and i have tried almost everything that the topic creator has, with the only difference being that i have an AMD graphics card.
    This problem is so very frustrating and detrimental to the experience that i can hardly even play the game.
    A fix would be very much appreciated, since i adore this game but can barely even play it.

  • Add me to the list of people suffering from this, except mine is so bad it freezes my whole PC and i have to reboot. Has now made the game unplayable.

  • i didnt used to have this problem but now i also get black screen,this i fix by minimizing the game for a few seconds(10% of the time this makes the game stop responding tho)

    my drivers are up to date.

  • Bumping this again because this is still an issue that plagues my chivalry experience

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