Bulding Out Server Operator Tools

  • Hi there,

    I have been fooling around with chiv dedicated server on linux. Ive been thinking it would be nice to build something out to compile stats on players, as well as maybe some rcon tools so I could manage a Linux server from a Windows client. So far I have found the SDK documentation to be somewhat sparse (assuming im looking in the right place). I basically need to stream data from the live server into a data base, and then I can do what I need with it.

    My initial problem is that I dont even see a flat log file I could sc**** from that is recording events. At least on Linux, I set the logging param on the server startup, but as far as I see, no log ever gets created.

    What is the best way to get events recorded, and out of the server, and onto either a flat file, or ETLed directly into a DB.

    Even just pointing me to some documentation on this would be appreciated.

  • Chivalry don’t got no log files lol.

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