Encourage Cooperation?

  • I’m wondering if there could potentially be ways to increase cooperation in large team games, specifically objective games.

    Perhaps this is getting too complex, but what about having some sort of commander. The commander could, at spawn, look at a map of battleplans (a sex modeled old timey map laid out on a table or some such) which would let them see a list of players in the game, as well as objectives/map. The commander could then group players together, and give them various objectives, similar to BF3. Nothing huge, just simple waypoint markers or something, like “you three attack this direction” “you four attack this direction”.

    I know this can be accomplished via voip, but I feel in pubs people are often really unorganized, and a simple move like this can go a long way to shifting pubs into a more objective oriented, team based mentality.

  • And who is going to be the commander? I don’t think everyone would like it, and picking randomly would kill the purpose completely.

  • It’s one of those features no one would use.

    I see lots of people helping each other out.

    I’ve thrown an axe into the back of my Teammate who was trying to interrupt a fist duel.

  • Lots of people cooperate in the game, you don’t need a for sure way like this. It’s too complicated and if a noob turned out being the commander, he would screw us all over. People can already do this though if they so choose, I’ve memorized the maps, so there’s no need to study it, and, if people bothered listening I could issue “commands” through chat by hitting T

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