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  • I think it is amusing the rules ( are really definitions - I assume for each definition you are not supposed to do it and there are some unknown consequences?

    Map exploiting or exploits that deliberately and knowingly are used by the player to gain an advantage or grief. E.g. hiding in unreachable spots, infiltrating enemy spawn via exploits, etc.

    Someone who deliberately irritates and harasses other players for their own enjoyment.

    **Intentional TK’ing:
    Constantly killing your teammates on purpose for no reason.

    **Spamming Chat:
    Spamming the text chat with useless banter.

    **Abusing votekick:
    Consistently votekicking players after one TK or for no reason. Votekicking players for being good is not a reason to votekick. You must have a valid reason.

    Racism & persistent bullying:
    Calling people names in a derogatory fashion is not allowed. Using racism and persistent bullying to attack another person(s) will result in being banned.

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    And if you continued down the page you will see something along the lines of :

    The rules described above are reminders of what is not allowed on our servers. Chivalry is an 18+ game and we expect everyone to act accordingly.


    As this is an 18+ game, we expect most people to act like adults, but we know this can’t always happen, thus we have to put out a few set rules. Failure to comply with these rules will result in being temporarily or permanently banned.*

  • ^^ rekt tbh.

  • rekt lol, not. It was just amusing, after the first 4 or 5 it became rules - saying something is not allowed or will result in banned, but the first 4 were poorly defined “rules”. But yeah I am sure people get it.

  • I could clean it up I suppose. It’s just copypasta of the same rules that Kimiko posted in 2013 or something.

  • How do you plan on enforcing this on console with no admins or moderators?

  • These are rules for the official servers. There are no official servers on the consoles. :P

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