Unofficial Team Objective EU server (archer free)

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    Hi guys, I love playing TO so I’ve started renting my own server with simrai which allows me to choose a range of settings which I can’t find elsewhere. The name of the server gives away most of the details, but just to be clear, the main settings are (at the time of writing):

    Name: Random’s TO [24p] 1stP 50%FF NO archers 120tick
    Location: Paris, EU
    Perspective: 1st person only
    Archer limit: ZERO
    Tickrate: 120
    Friend fire: 50%
    Players: 24
    Game type: Team objective
    Rank limit: 16-100
    Ping limit: 200 set in .ini (but less than 100 expected in game)
    Trolling: No thanks. Fair play expected.
    Maps: Classic TO maps plus some custom maps including Dank Manor and Cursed Manor.

    If the server starts to get any regular use I am interested in receiving feedback and will update settings if needed (such as adding custom TO maps which are still supported and fun to play).

    Playing the game without any archers made it a different experience which I personally enjoyed! I’ve also been finding more problems with lag / high pings / desyncs on the official servers recently which should be better on my server.

    It’s quite hard to get a new non-official server filled so I’ve started a steam group to see if there is enough interest to merit keeping the server going. Please join if you like most of the settings I’ve selected and you think that this is a worthwhile project and/or if you want to contact me:

    Random 428 (you’ve probably seen me around if you play on the 1st person official TO EU servers)

  • Even tho I do not fancy getting shot by an archer im not sure im a fan of no archers either. Im also a fan of most of the new maps but this looks promissing nevertheless so I’ll probably check it out!

  • Glorious server, wish there was one like this in my region tbh.

  • Sounds like a spamguard fest but I might check it out.

  • If there was an official server like that it would be populated all the time. But unofficial unfortunately attracts few people.

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    Yes, and the 64 slot servers seem to suck up the rest of the players who don’t join the officials. Well, I’m hoping that I might attract enough regular users starting with the guys I see on the 1st person officials. When I get my server going by inviting the people on my friends list, we normally have a better class of game as most of us are high level and/or clan players.

    So far, I have gained quite a few extra friends on steam as the people who joined the server had fun and want to know when it gets populated again which gives me some hope for the future.

    I’m also hoping to raise some awareness here that my server is not one of those places where the admins troll - it’s a serious TO server for high quality, fair games.

  • good luck. nobody will play just like other server without archers that doesnt exist anymore
    another 1st person only server without 100%teamdamage borked with this feature.shame

  • There’s a server with an archer limit of 1 and it’s always full, this server would probably work out really well without the custom maps.

  • I’ll definetively join your server, not sure about the “no archer idea” tho.

  • I’ll join your server later this day, I hope only that there will be no admin abuse :).

  • I recommend changing the team damage to 100% and you vote kick time to 30 or 60 mins (you have to set that in seconds) as that really helps stop the TKs and players from just rejoining. For a 24 player server I would limit the archers to 2 a side. I have my set to 3 a side when it is enabled but even 3 archers are a pain when the server is not full. I wish there was a setting to only allow 1 archer for every 10 players would be a better setting. While I hate archers and in the default version of the game they are OP and annoying. MERCs mod at least has them nerfed a bit and are less annoying.

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    Hi Retsnom, thanks for you advice. It’s funny because I set the server to 2 archer slots per side and 100% FF when I first started it:
    In the discussion, I wrote half a page of text defending my choice of 100% FF when Lu2 suggested it was stupid… but after some other people requested less than 100%, I decided to change it and see how it went.

    As for the archers, they ruined the small games when we had between 5 and 8 players per side. e.g. one archer hiding in the DF cistern spawn really pissed off the high level players I wanted to keep in the game… so I decided to get rid of them all together. Since the numbers on my server are low when I start populating it with friends, any archers suck the joy out of the game.

    I’ve changed the vote kick time to 15 mins, but I’m pretty much the only person people tried to vote out so far due to “speed hacking”, being AFK for one minute (doing admin stuff) and by wannabe server hijackers. :)

    BTW, I remember in another post you had settings to kick people with high ping. I did some searching and ended up using these settings:

    I was wondering what settings you find work best for avoiding high pingers but not kicking people with a temporary spike? Thanks!

  • Looks good, I think I’ll pop in. Is it mercs though?

  • @random428:

    one archer hiding in the DF cistern spawn really pissed off the high level players I wanted to keep in the game….

    They sound like babies.

  • @dudeface:

    They sound like babies.

    Gold helmets make the best bodkin magnets, and produce the highest level of salt when popped repeatedly upon leaving spawn.

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