Problem Download Game

  • Hello, and first of all sorry for my English.
    A few hours ago at gamestop buy this game for 19.50€ and I can not download it.
    I contacted support gamestop, and told me I had to download an application to install the game (GamestopApp).
    I downloaded the application but still can not see the game, does not appear in the My Games tab. They told me to contact you.
    What should I do?
    Thanks and sorry for my English.

  • anyone has the same problem? please help, my son and me want to play.
    Region can be problem? I am from Spain.

  • From what I understand, you should have gotten a key from gamestop. You put that key in their app, and it gives you a steam key. If that didn’t happen, gamestop support should be able to assist you.

  • No, the problem is I do not see the game or the key in te GamestopApp. I bought the game and support gamestop tells me that with this application should see the key but do not see it, does not appear in the My Games tab of the GamestopApp. They never sent me the key by email, and I can not see using GamestopApp.
    Where is my key?
    they insist that contact the game support.
    Thanks for the reply and sorry for my English

  • can anyone help me? GameStop support insists that I contact the game support.
    someone please help me?

  • When you bought the game off Gamestop, what did they give you?

  • Thanks but already solved. One of your colleagues solved my problem by email.
    Gamestop support sucks.
    But your support is great.
    Thanks and sorry for my English.

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