Evident Fire Gaming's Tactics Master Tournament!

  • Hey Everyone,
    Evident Fire Gaming just launched a new Chivalry server, and to celebrate this month we are going to be holding our monthly community contest in Chivalry!!! Every month Evident Fire Gaming dubs a new master title to one of our members based off of different gaming skills. This month it’s gaming tactics. We will dub the title of Tactics Master to the player that can carefully plan, time, and execute there strategy to win the title!!! Also this event will be streamed live on Twitch!!!

    Now your probably thinking really??? all that for just a title? Well there is more, the winner will get 6 months of EFG VIP (Included a private TS channel, and special VIP status and perks on all our game servers!) and a $50 Steam Gift Card!!!

    But that’s not all, we will also be awarding free games to outstanding players during the entire tourney!

    Now I bet your wondering, when, where, and how do I sign up right!
    When: September 29th
    Where: On our new Chivalry server called - “Official Server of Evident Fire Gaming”, and Evident Fire Gaming TeamSpeak
    Sign up here: Evident Fire Gaming Website

    The winner of this title must defend it again in 6 months in the next Tactics Master competition, and the challenge will be much different!

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