Lag Spikes unique to chivalry

  • I’m the admin of a few servers on chivalry. I have a problem which I cannot surpass. At any given moment, a player’s ping will spike. People who normally have a 8-20 ping will shoot anywhere from 120-200. At the same token, I’ve had about 40+ players between both of the servers I host without any serious lag, however I did notice one player desyncing after his ping when from 40 to 192.

    It’s not the server. I migrated the current server config files from a quad core to a a new 12 core PowerEdge. The same problem keeps occuring. I have a fiberoptic connection with plenty of bandwidth to spare. QoS is setup using a hardware firewall, and has been tested. Even with 40 players I’m only using about 1/75th of my allocated bandwidth. Both servers had different operating systems and hardware. I even went as far as replacing our switch and router. This is a problem unique to Chivalry, and I’d like to find out why. To give you an idea of how confusing this is, my ping will shoot up as well (from 4 to 20), and I’m on the LAN. Of course, I never lag, however it shows me that the problem is within the server programming and not on the network infrastructure.

    I’ve tried optimizing PCGame-UDKGame.ini based on recommendation I read on these forums:


    This seems to have helped, yet I have not completely isolated the problem. The server utilization has never topped 30% so please, help me optimize this thing.

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