All the skins that ive purchased over the last couple years are gone

  • After the new Payday 2 patch I quickly launched Chivalry only to see that all of the skins that I own are all missing. they arent locked they’re just missing from the store and I cant equip them, its seems that they have vanished from my account. It dosn’t even show me the option to re-purchase them, i also tried validating the game catch 2 times but came up empty. any help would be much appreciated!
    You can also contact me buy my steam name |ĶأĻă| SirTokesAlot. thank you!

  • If they’re not showing up in the store at all it’s probably just a Steam / TB thing bugging out. If your account had somehow lost them you would still see them in the store (to purchase again). Give it a bit of time to get sorted out.

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