PS3 Connection Issues?

  • Hello all, I’ve recently switched to a new internet provider and for some reason I keep disconnecting from chivalry due to being signed out of psn every 2 to 8 minutes. I can play all other games without any problems on psn

    Is anyone else experiencing issues on psn with chivalry?

  • Is it Comcast you switched to, AdisonG? That may your problem right there, or maybe you live out somewhere where your local internet provider isn’t as optimized, though they possibly advertised it so?

  • I switched to AT&T Uverse, The internet is fine for all other games and netflix. It only starts to sign me out of psn whenever I try to play chivalry. I’ve messed with the ports and shiz. Am I Screwed?! x(
    I love chivalry…

  • Hmm… Well, this game has always been funky with me with Comcast. It may be a game specific issue since other things are fine.

  • It does that to me too you are not alone. If you try and host a game and too many people start showing up, you can lose connection to PSN like that. You can also randomly lose connection to PSN because of distance between you and a host.

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