Graphic glitches - textures/polygon stretching

  • Hi,

    recently I started to encounter weird graphic glitches when playing Chivalry. Most of the time I am playing the “Black Knight Mode” mod on the “falltoyourdeath2” map. Here I can sometimes see that objects like body parts which have been cut off or whole corpses are stretched. Another example would be textures on the shields of other players which are sticking out. Everytime when I see something like this I ask other players if they have similar problems - apparently no one does. Otherwise I would just conclude that this is a bug of this modification.

    It looks like this (stretched body part):

    There are only 2 games on my pc which suffer from these glitches - Chivalry and Hitman: Blood Money. Usually one would suspect the gpu or the driver of the gpu, but all my other games, benchmarks (like unigine heaven) or stress tests run absolutely fine (no artifacting). The temperatures of my hardware are fine as well.

    The only thing i that i have changed in the last weeks is installing Windows 10. I really don’t remember if i have seen these graphic glitches before that. Could this be the problem?

    Am I the only one with these graphic glitches?

    Thank you for your help!

  • This can happen with Black Knight. Stuff glitches out like that when I alt-tab out and back in for some reason, I think.
    Also, hit F12 to take a screenshot via Steam. Your photo is… a bit rubbish :P
    Can you get a screenshot of the messed up shield texture next time you see it?

  • Doesn’t just happen in black knight. And that FFA shield bug is easy to reproduce. Just pick shield in FFA and die, boom, 100%.

    I also love how he got his DXdiag and launch logs but didn’t know how to take a screenshot lol.

  • Hi,

    thank you for your input. Yeah, sorry for that bad “screenshot”, I was texting someone with my smartphone when that glitch appeared, so i just took a photo with it.

    As soon as I spot that shield bug again i will try to capture a screenshot.

    Today, i tried to alt-tab out of the game to see what happens - well, this happens ;)

    These glitches either just happen sometimes ingame or i can force them to appear when change to desktop and back into chivalry.

    So, i guess its not my hardware, but some sort of a conflict between chivalry, windows 10 and/or the w10 nvidia drivers. I was just starting to get worried as i was encountering a similar issue in Hitman: Blood Money:

  • Yeah, I dunno, it’s an Unreal Engine 3 thing probably. I get similar things on Win7 with AMD graphics.

  • I only get the stretchy limbs.

    But then everyone gets that regardless of hardware.

    Nothing like this happens in RO2 the other UE3 game I play.

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