Duel servers

  • It’s been a while since i have played on a duel server and I cannot remember it being this broken.

    It’s often difficult to type at end of a duel, it glitches and you end up half typing a sentence or end up in the character selection screen. (this also happens at game end on TO (auto-pop-up scoreboard) even better when you suicide to change team).

    Seem to wait forever for a duel but then sometimes BOOM! wacks you right in there if you want another duel or not (want time to change loadout or just to spectate).

    Also something that I think could be a great addition/option would be to both choose loadout and both agree it before duel starts, similar to a trade interface if that makes sense?
    I do actually hate it sometimes when someone changes their loadout/class in the second duel round to counter your loadout/class.

  • Sll of your problems would be solved if you just joined a Classic Duel servet. There tends to be better players there too

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