Project Random Dungeon - (TO2-Dungeons_p)

  • What is Random Dungeon?

    Random Dungeon is a TO2 map featuring Agatha vs Mason vs Horde gameplay in a TDM fashion. Explore the dungons. Grab all the loot you can find, including: Coins, weapons, armor upgrades, potions and more! Fight the restless horde on your every step. Experience randomized events! Gather artifacts and slay the enemy players to ensure victory for your team!

    Trailer video:

    Current version: 1.1.2 (Beta)

    • How to download the map (for yourself).

    1. Subscribe to the map on the workshop page.
    2. Open Chivalry through steam and select: Launcher (SDK, workshop, Safe mode)
    3. Select “Click to download subscribe Steam workshop items” in the bottom right corner.

    • How to open the map:

    Console: open to2-randomdungeon_p

    You need at least 2 players to start the game, otherwise you won’t be able to leave the spawn.
    You can TEST the map without actual players by typing in console: addbots 1
    Map was made to be played with larger player counts (ideal: 24 players).

    Please try to play with DoF ON (Depth of Field option), without it you will miss the true atmosphere of the dungeon as well as some important transition/teleport effects.

    If you feel generous and enjoy my work, feel free to donate:


  • I remember this idea being discussed here ages ago. Glad to see it gained momentum.

  • This would be great.

    Reminds me of (maybe 8 years ago) playing Aion and the instance (I forget what is called) with two teams running through the dungeon, battling mobs while getting ready to face the enemy team. Quite a lot of fun.

  • Looking forward for some more info.

  • Hats off, Vesanus! Very different and truly amazing atmospheres!

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  • Random Dungeon BETA is ready for testing, lads!

    Expect bugs, heh.

  • Nice!

    Hoping for public server since it is supposed to be played with larger amounts.

  • This looks great!

  • Random Dungeon Beta v1.1 released!

    Patch - (Beta v1.1)


    Gameplay changes/features:

    • Introduced better custom AI for Dungeon Guardians. (Still derpy, but fights better).
    • Player-location based Horde spawn. (No more initial spawn for the horde, less struggle for the server).
    • Added several curiosty-type items that teleports the player to a specific dungeon.
    • Added a new potion: (Potion of Reinforcement) - Teleports to a random teammate.
    • Decreased overall Horde botcount. (Optimization).
    • Added a random rare Skeleton Sharpshooter spawn.
    • Added a private Objective popup for players that join the game after it begun.
    • Increased the cost of the Halberd in shops to 40 (30 before)
    • Increased the cost of the Spear in shops to 30 (25 before).
    • Nerfed “blood skeleton event” (reduced botcount)
    • Made it a bit easier to get the Flag weapon.


    • Removed unusable Quiver Artifact in the “Forest Dungeon”
    • Fixed Weapon chests not displaying the spawned weapon.
    • Fixed Killvolume not damaging players in the Cave Dungeon. (Crevice).
    • Fixed lever triggers being hard to click on.
    • Fixed artifacts and weapons displaying shadows before the initial spawn.
    • Added missing fire particles for torches in the Church.
    • Fixed PhysVolume getting players stuck on the gate, before the Game start.
    • Fixed Stamina battlecry buff reducing your stamina to 100 after Stamina potion buff.
    • Fixed one of the spawns belonging to the wrong team in “The last battle event”.
    • Removed “use” Delay on pickables that disappear for the same duration anyway. (Optimization).
    • Fixed the sound range on Lootbag and Locked_door sound.
    • Fixed glitchy Prison door triggers.
    • Fixed a broken Blue potion in the Crypts.
    • [Fix attempt] Toggable Dynamic Lightning not appearing for clients.
    • [Fix attempt] Living statue helmet not showing up.
    • [Fix attempt] Merchant hats not showing up.
    • [Fix attempt] Lifesteal buff not giving HP upon a successful hit.
    • [Fix attempt] Disabled Mason MAA dodge. (Was disabled, changed the cost to 999 stamina)
    • [Fix Attempt] Teleporting issue regarding “The last battle event”, leaving players behind in the dungeons.
    • [Fix Attempt] Pickables not registering “use” impulse. (Might be a server overload issue)
    • Fixed reported stuckspots and collision issues.
    • Fixed reported missing textures/materials on meshes and BSP.


    • Overall kismet optimization.

  • Hotfix - (Beta 1.1.2)

    • Fixed Reinforcement potion teleporting to the wrong team.
    • Fixed some purchaseboxes typos.
    • Added description for items when you are out of money.
    • Another attempt to fix lifesteal not giving HP.
    • Another attempt at removing dodge for Mason MAA.
    • Added sound when using lifesteal potion.

  • I’m having a lot of players getting errors or indefinitely loading while trying to join. Any ideas?

  • @Dr.Nick:

    I’m having a lot of players getting errors or indefinitely loading while trying to join. Any ideas?

    When a developer releases an update to a map / mod, and the server host does not update his server, players can’t join. Make sure the server host has updated to the latest release of the map / mod.

  • Really nice work, OP.

  • This post is deleted!

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    Constructive criticism

    Definition just in case you forgot: Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve the outcome.

    Enough said.

    Back on topic. Personally i like the idea and will be good to see in action.

  • Out come of what? A mod nobody wants to play and will dilute players on official servers even more to yet another mod?
    I note you so call company apple polishers don’t give that trashy review of Chivalry

    Such swift fast attention as it deserved to be deleted. Or at the very least edited or commented on by an Admin.
    Why don’t you lot constructively go through the negative reviews , 80% of them are utter lies. Why even now
    TB has launched another Sale in an effort to recover yet again. Do you really think some person is simply going
    to buy Chivalry because of some mod on this thread or care what players think about it?

    Get on those negative reviews and start sorting out the fake ones from the ones of any worth.

  • What the hell are you talking about, Loin? Maps and mods like these are a lot of fun in Chivalry and anyone who spends the time making them should be thanked, not shit on by some curmudgeon like yourself. If you don’t like playing these modes then GTFO and don’t play them.

    Also, developers and community hub moderators cannot edit or delete reviews. Developers can only flag reviews as inappropriate. Only official Steam moderators can delete them.

  • Your so full off oil it stinks, you think your so special being able to call players names and insult them with no threat of
    infractions, I am going to complain once again about your abuse of admin prowess, simply calling one person a pleb
    got me an infraction , yet you keep being abusive and calling me names openly because your an admin?
    normal users wouldn’t get away with it so why should you?

  • I’ve just released a bot-free version of Random Dungeon for larger servers (+32).
    Hopefully this will decrease lag/high ping on highly populated servers.

    Changes (specific to this version:)

    • Removed bots, duh.
    • Decreased team-score from artifacts. (Game was ending too quickly).
    • Decreased team-score from kills.
    • Increased chance of becoming “The king”.
    • Removed/Changed bot-related events.

    Here it is: (

    Also keep an eye on the workshop next week, as I’ll be releasing a brand new TO2 map.

    If you feel generous and enjoy my work, feel free to donate:


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