Archer Movement Speed Buff

  • I think the archer needs a speed buff when his dagger/ secondary weapon is equipped. There’s no way a fully armored knight should run down an Archer has little to no armor on. The class is fun but once people chase you, you’re more than likely dead since every class is faster than he is it seems.

  • They already do.

    But people forget there is a mechanic in the game that when someone chases you, they speed up and you slow down.

  • If you’re going to run away from someone, start running before they get close. Otherwise the chase speed boost kicks in and you won’t get away.

  • I think this follow speed up should only apply to melee classes. Archers only defense against a knight that comes up to your face is run away. Taking that away is part of the reason archers are worthless atm.

    On a side note, if you start running fast enough, you can put enough distance to where they won’t get the speed buff and they will eventually get tired of chasing u :P.

  • Don’t they also have a dagger? I find it hilarious when a heavy comes up to me (they are usually pretty bad) and just spam attack. The dagger is so fast that you can stab them multiple times and never get hit haha.

    I would like some more info on this magical speed boost though… what is that?

  • Obviously, when you’re running away from a large man in a suit of armor, your knees start wobbling and you start to panic, so you can’t escape as well. Meanwhile, sensing your fear, the guy chasing you gets an adrenaline rush as he closes in for the kill.

    That’s how I like to think of it, at least ;)

    Basically if you keep your crosshair aimed at an enemy who’s close to you, you’ll move faster. You’ll know the speedboost is in effect if your crosshair turns red.

  • I am against a speed buff. Archers are annoying enough without the ability to outrun everyone, making it impossible to ever kill them without a throwing axe. They are a nuisance enough.

  • tbh when i see a knight running at me and he has 2h sword i just give him one with my bow and start to fight with my club its so effective the knight cant do anything

    and the vangaurd its the same easy kills 1v1

    the only thing were i knew i will die is vs maa he is faster and tankier then me so we cant trade or i cant berserk him down.

    dont run so much as archer try to fight he is very effective.
    or play Javelin archer with normal jav or heavy jav its so effective vs the armored guys i play it in ffa and have very good kda with it

  • Perhaps the most satisfying part of the game comes from running down an archer and hacking them down as they flee, thanks for the info on the speed increase, I’ll put that to good use :D

  • archer speed is fine with longbow and warbow, it needs a buff with the shortbow as the shortbow is a tad useless at the moment other than for its very slight run speed with the arrow drawn which isn’t that useful. I also wish archers had a better melee weapon because they are essentially giving up a slot just to pick the type of arrows they shoot while crossbows aren’t that much better just for the fact that the pavice is not that good.

  • BTW is witch to my secondary which you think would be faster since it’s just a small sword or dagger yet guys get the speed boost with full Armour? I don’t mean super fast but it’s clearly really slow

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