Looking for a good map maker for a new exciting game mode

  • Unlike my good previous ideas ie Redrain and others mentioned to TB. They might even use in Chiv II
    who knows tbh. My latest idea is for a new game mode, intense hard as it gets team mode. pm me
    if you have what it takes to produce this map, a confidentiality contract will be signed in blood.
    This is the 11/10 mode of modes they will want.

  • map making is very addictive and time consuming tbh.

  • If you are not getting any responses Loin I think I may know why, you see, I have two Almost-Complete maps (Joust and Horde) I should just bite the bullet, finish and upload, four (1 LTS, 1CTF, 2TOs) perpetually half finished maps, three More maps Half Started (LTS and 2 Hordes) and two unfinished gamemode mods (1 for DW).

    I also have ideas for two TOs, A set of LTS maps or two, a set of duel maps (I could finish this one in two weeks), a gimmicky TO map, a gimmicky LTS map and one gamemode mod.

    The point is I reckon most people here are in the same boat as me. They don’t need ideas they need help with their current projects. So why should they help you with your project? I mean, the only information we have to go on is the guarantee of a chronic shit-poster that its the best thing since sliced bread yet isn’t good enough for them to invest the time and effort into. Seems a like a bit of a contradiction.

    If you want my opinion, show a bit of respect for the people here and tell us what your idea is so we can decide for ourselves if its worth the effort.

  • I don’t have time for plebs who brag of unfinished projects tbh. Only valid map makers need apply with finished maps
    or modes loaded to steam and functioning. Why should I respect failures who can’t even finish a project/map?
    pm mode here or on steam was offered, not some crass peasants witterings poster 003

  • Have fun not having your maps made then lol.

  • Be quiet you troll. I have had pm offers to make maps thank you via steam as I asked for pm messages.
    Unless you have something to contribute bugger off tbh.

  • This post is deleted!

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