Crash Freeze dwnloading Workshop Items

  • Hi people of Chiv,

    In hopes someone out there can help with this. When I join a server or my server with custom content, some of it doesn’t work, first freezing with “Steam Downloading content” box, then crashing to desktop with the “CMW.exe stopped working” error box.

    This only happens with some custom content, about 4 workshop items.

    I have tried deleting the cookedsdk, and cmwsdkfiles of the specific maps, as I have used that particular fix in the past with success. But that does not work with the the maps I’m trying to load up.

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Sherlock,

    Are you StOuty’s friend? I ran into a similar crash when I tried to use the Launcher to trigger workshop downloads. I had to reboot at the end of it, but haven’t had a chance to see if my content is playable or not. I’ve never tried to use the Launcher with Windows 10 until now.

    Are you also on Win10?

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