Chivalry Community Brabble #9

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    Greetings lords and ladies. Dost thou hear the brabble of boisterous Chivalry fans across the world? Methinks so!

    In this Brabble: twerking, diseases, spinning otters and a Polaris Civil War!.

    Chival War

    Chivalry is the first game to be featured in the Polaris Civil War tournament! Tune in to Polaris on Wed Sept 30 for round 1 & check out the precap below.

    The tournament features team captains Angry Joe and TotalBiscuit, alongside “Commissioner” Jesse Cox and participants Cryaotic, Strippin, Dodger, Octopimp, WowCrendor, Commander Holly and Shofu.

    Plus, learn Chivalry’s lore in a minute with this helpful video narrated by Jesse Cox!

    I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it

    A highlight from our Steam Community contest for Killing Floor 2 inspired gifs and artwork… You just can’t stop this knight’s twerk. via Duninn

    Coffee and Chivy

    Force Gaming has fun with some Chivalry, coffee and friends Dodger, Strippen, Gmart and Crendor.

    Catch my disease

    Infected Mode! Neat new “zombie” style game mode for Chivalry by Eggplant.

    Pilgore, coming soon to Cannes

    Over the summer, Youtuber and longtime Chiv player Pilgore made a series of awesome short videos that make use of Chivalry’s voice over audio. Here’s one of our favourites:

    Coming soon, Pilgore’s Chivalry Tales Episode 5!

    Chivalry cosplay material

    If we see anyone cosplaying like this at an expo… we’ll give you bro hugs. via Visvaldis


    Ah, summer’s over. But weather’s still good for BBQing. via SlenderPen

    Dear god what I have a done

    When you realize you left the oven on, during the middle of a battle. via Pache94

    Dungeon souls

    The Random Dungeon Project under development by awesome Chivalry Workshop creator Vesanus is looking amazing already - we can’t wait for its release.

    Maul spins

    What maul spins look like, as translated by otter. via yrdraziWciretosE

    Bugle horn The Tournament Shall Soon Begin!

    Update: the tournament has begun! Oct 10-11, teams vie for LTS supremacy in a series of best-of-three games. Read the subreddit master thread for full info and stream links.

    Got what it takes to be one of the world’s best Chivalry players? Registration for the 3rd Anniversary Grand Tournament ends October 6 at midnight - rosters will be frozen from that point on!


    ◦ 6v6 All-Melee Last Team Standing Seeding Matches: October 10th - 11th, 2015
    ◦ 6v6 All-Class TO Championship Playoffs: October 17th - 18th, 2015

    ’ello ‘ello

    Did you get caught singing the Chivalry menu song at full blast in the shower? Share your content with us and get featured in our brabble and across our communities!

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  • What is polaris civil war a new game.? red alert type of genre? Tibby looks healthy tbh.

  • Hey, thanks for the shout out!

  • Lots of stuff happening for Chivalry right now! Keep it up!

    Can’t wait for the 16th of october though…

  • @Vesanus:

    Lots of stuff happening for Chivalry right now! Keep it up!

    Can’t wait for the 16th of october though…

    Where on the 3rd anniversary of chivalry they will announce their secret project to be… Tetris.

    In Unreal 4.

  • Is it me, or does Polaris look like Seth Rogan…?

  • Nice nice nice :D

  • Where is chivalry community brabble #10? I’m not so bothered about the brabble itself more of the fact that there are usually discounts on weapons/helmet skins.

  • Developer

    Next Brabble will be up soon. In the meantime there are some new weapon/helmet skins on sale as of today.

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