*nix Steam Sockets error

  • I’ve been attempting to setup a couple servers on a CentOS 6 dedicated server, however I cannot connect to the server unless I remove its ?steamsockets arg for its startup script.

    I attempted the same thing on Ubuntu 15.04, with the same results

    (?steamsockets allows for the server to be listed and be a part of the network containing player levels, so I kinda need it)

    The server is never listed on the browser, the error I get on attempting to directly connect to the ip states that the server failed to redirect steam sockets url.

    Has anyone whos experience this found a magic cure.
    I’m using steamcmds prebuilt steamclient.so and libstdc++.so.6 within its linux32 folder.
    The server is hosted in a t3 datacenter, no external firewall should exist.
    IPtables is set to ‘policy ACCEPT’ for input, forward, and output.
    No other internal firewall exists, this is a pure version of CentOS with the only direct changes being the libstdc replacement in /usr/lib

  • Does it work if you temporarily disable iptables in total?

    What ports are you using and what ports does linux say it is using?

    Can you connect to the gameport when running ?steamsockets ?

  • Mmm, is there a steam_appid.txt in your Binaries\Linux folder? If not, create one. It should just contain the Chiv app id, so:

  • @Dudeface
    While I’m not at home to test it, I’m completely sure that’s the issue. I had it working a couple weeks ago when I did that but I forgot to do that since changing os
    Thank you so much,

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