A guide for playing as Vanguard

  • Hi, most of you are going to say: “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! We already know!” Yes, but well, most of the Vanguards (or crusaders like I’m going to call them) just go, jump and get killed in a second. So heres a guide/tips for those:

    -Know your weapon before you know your enemy! You can’t go there swinging randomly your weapon! You can’t use a sword as an spear, you should know that, okay is heavy and long, but not as an spear! So don’t go “mouse 1, mouse 1, mouse 1” that WON’T work, you should create your own combos or use the right attack at the right time.

    -Know your enemy! You can’t fight every one at the same way! The knight is slower than you, so you should attack him when he finished his failed attack, another crusader can be dangerous if you don’t defend from the charge from his spear/sword attacks, versus soldiers you should change to your secondary unless you are 100% sure that you will hit him and he isn’t going to block it and finally, the archer, this one may be difficult cause it can stop you from charging like a beast, so show them some of their own medicine, throw some axes or knives, and if you want to kill them with the sword use the smoke.

    -Please don’t go kamikaze, just running and charging isn’t a good strategy if you don’t know when to attack, you need to wait until you see it protects, if he uses the shield you should use the kick and then attack, remember to be cautionus with the archers, they can stop you from charging.

    • Remeber, when fighting vs fast weapons you should change to the sword or axe, so you have the same speed, example: a soldier appears, and his sword (mace, axe or dagger) is fast and know when to block a heavy sword (or spear), change to your axe or sword and fight! Don’t try to use a primary of yours, cause is slower than his weapon.

    • You can provide support by throwing the smoke jars! It’s very usefull on zones with too many archers. You also have ranged weapons, so remember to throw some.

    • If someone face you with fist, charge with your fist and say: FALCON PUNCH!, that should do insta-kill, if not continue punching and blocking until the enemy is dead.

    -Additionaly you can add a shout when you charge, this will make more epic the decapitation of the enemy.

    Hope this is usefull! :3

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