Javelin Archer & kick.

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    I have been playing this game a bit and recently tried the spear archer. I noticed a few things that may or may not work as intended. I personally think its an issue of balance vs the rest of the classes, and needs to be addressed.

    Shield block stagger when kicked is very very long and happens extremely often for a very light, agile class. The massive stagger should be more valid for heavy shield classes, as they often do not have the agility to maneuver the shield in such a way as to prevent a perpendicular blow. Light shield classes should more or less deflect the blow rather than parrying simply absorbing the full force of it. This is especially problematic since most heavy classes can insta kill the archer on the next below. So far, every time my shield gets kicked, i basically die. Knights can take a hit or three when staggered and keep on trucking, archers do not. Basically, a kick into the archer shield by anyone results in archer death due to their very low health and no armor.

    Doesnt it seem ridiculous to get kicked in your light 5 lb shield and be rendered basically useless and unable to move while that knight has the time to both recover from his kick and swing that 20 kg sword to kill you?!!

    A kick in the shield of a light class should physically do one of two things.

    • archer gets knocked back while maintaining his shield position loses the respective stamina.
    • or … deflect the blow and stand his ground with a short recovery time before he can attack.

    Physically, trying to kick the shield of a light, agile class would be far more taxing in both balance and stamina for the one doing the kicking. It would easy for a light class to deflect the kick by maneuvering the shield at an angle, avoiding the energy release into it and instead causing the kicker to step forward as the kinetic energy was not dissipated in the kick but transformed into kicker movement pulling him forward.

    A heavy class, with a tower shield, like a knight, hoplite or roman legionnaire, would have a very difficult time avoiding a kick and would have to absorb the full brunt of the kick.

    Anyway, I think that needs to be fixed, and I dont think its working right, from a game balance point of view or a realistic point or view, rendering the spear archer pretty useless in close combat with a shield.

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    Haha nice read. Fortunately for the non shield users, that is one thing that should never change. Removing the delayed stumble after a kick would make the buckler ridiculously OP. Although what you say theoretically correct in some aspects; changing it wont balance it at all, rather being tears to my eyes.

    Counter to the stumble: dont bring your shield up to a kick.

  • so many reasons not to change it.

    1: Consistency. Different shields getting different states from kick would be very confusing, especially to new players. Not to mention the buckler is already faster and easier to avoid stuns than the other shields.

    2: It is pretty easy to avoid kick stuns any way. Just block at the appropriate time instead of holding it down.

    3: Javelins are already one of the most OP set ups in the game.

    4: Archers are supposed to be the weakest class in the game. To justify your logic saying they should be able to survive as well as a knight is just silly.

    I could probably think of more. But I think thats enough.







    Are you bloody serious? You’re suggesting to buff javelineers? The most OP weapon setup in game, what the heck is wrong with you? Fuck, they should be nerfed by making light kicks stun them even without the shield raised.

  • Waste of time replying tbh, to even criticise a blatant troll post as that knight op thread simply got me 2 infractions.
    They join the site to troll and we the loyal community members get punished being critical. Try not to hurt the op’s
    feelings Xylvion as you might get an infraction, why I was even told plebbypeonpeasant was an infraction on my
    post, a word I explained which has been used as humour for yrs, by many players.

  • Maybe we should give this ridiculously OP setup some more damage and faster throws while we’re at it?

    Some people…

  • Javelineers are hardly op, they never score very well except for maybe 2 people in north america that do well with them.

    Javelineers while it hits hard you have a limited number so are constantly running back for more. You have to get in close so often meleeing with a short range shield bash or a very predictable poke. And if you miss your throw the long recovery which I think flinch actually extends leaves you extremely vulnerable.

    Certainly less OP than a xbow archer who can hide behind knights and throw mauls across the map.

    But no, having the buckler act differently from the other shields doesnt make sense, it already has a faster raise time.

    Really you just need to focus on being able to read when someone is going to kick you - its not too hard once you practice enough.

  • I dont think that archers are OP. So very very few are good. Javelins are very hard to use. You have very few players who can play a jav archer and get top 5 spots, vs knights and vanguards. I dont see anyone complaining about them.

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