Animation of combos are not visible

  • This happens rarely but its more frequent lately? Did anyone experience this?
    After first swing,combo animation is not visible on my screen.Only grunt

  • The entire animation does not display?

    I am not experiencing that, personally.

  • You guys are talking about the infamous invisible/ghost swings we got that problem on Xbox too.

    I heard someone talking about it once. I don’t think its a lag problem but something about the frames after parrying or something of that nature. Just parry IMMEDIATELY after the grunt if you’re experiencing multiple invisibles because it won’t stop till the combo is over or it is interrupted.

  • Desyncs? /10chars

  • I have witnessed this a few times as well. Getting hit once then the next two attacks doesn’t show but I still take damage. Only happens whith Claymore and Messer swings. Not ping related as far as i know. I have usually 30-67 and they have under 100.

  • Iam not exactly sure what is trigger for this, but happended like 10 times in 2 years span (it seems to be related to riposte folowed by combospam).Problem is it happended 3 times in one week lately. Happended with various weapons ,wish i have video of this :(

  • .Player must either stop spaming combos or i must parry him to stop this madness

  • What I do know is that it looks normal on the attacker’s end but even though it’s not visible to you the game registers it as a hit. Happens all the time. I’d claim Lag might be a factor but the problem is I’ve seen it happen with excellent host connection too with no spikes. I thought it was just a console problem XD

  • I’ve started noticing it a bit more lately, too. A lot of officials are just really laggy now.

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