Running the game on my hp envy 14 gen 1

  • System specs:
    Core i3 370m 2.4 ghz
    4 gigs of ram
    Ati 5650m video card

    I’m running the game on highest resolution 1366x768
    Lowest settings and am getting 50fps -60 at most dropping to 25-20 at times
    It really fluctuates. Any other recomendations i can do? I was thinking of overclocking my gpu to 575 or 600 since it is a bit underclocked by hp

  • Your specs aren’t very good sadly. If you can’t overclock your CPU on that laptop you won’t get better performance.

  • :(

  • Yeah your CPU is pretty bad. In multiplayer games, your cpu has to do a lot of work with more people on the screen. Plus, in order to overclock you better have good ventilation and cooling pad to not overheat that bad boy.

  • I was looking into something called game booster which pretty much ends unneeded processes for games so that i can allocate more cpu juice to the game
    Link: … 13645.html

    And i just purchased 8 GB of ram, i’m hoping that would
    Give me a few more fps.
    I was looking into buying the core i5 540m but taking apart the envy 14 is not really a feasible option for me as of now; i mean i still have about 3 months left of warranty on the system.

    Anyway, i’ll let
    You know my end results when the 8gb of ram comes and game booster.


  • Gamebooster works. You won’t get any performance increase with more RAM. You usually would in some business programs but not with that processor either.

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