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  • (Sorry for Bad English)
    Hello **EVERYONE!

    I will try to make this quick,this game caught my eyes many months ago and since its on sale,it caught my atention even more.As i usually scroll down on steam and check for some rewievs to see some extra opinions.

    -Rewievs said the game is perfect,there were few glitches but it deosnt mather that much,but the main topic was the Balancing issue.
    Everything is alright until you reach level 16,after that you are “inserted” with people that have level 50,and that are much higher level and have higher advantage then you.Making you un-able to play and make the game boring.

    Because game seems so awsome and well done,i got an idea to talk to the people from forums,because i think that you guys play game regularly,and that you could give me some insight if this issue was fixed or if it will be fixed,because i am really interested in the game,thanks!

  • The game is free to try right now, so go ahead and try it.

    While it’s installing, you can try reading this to get a better feel for it.

    I recommend that you don’t play in the low-rank servers; they’ll teach you bad habits and you won’t have anyone experienced to watch or learn from.

  • In my opinion the frustration comes from the lack of a well made tutorial that explains the basic mechanic, that is swing manipulation.

    When you are on these noob servers, no one there have a clue on what does swing manipulation means in practice. It means that attacks can be delayed or accelerated. You do that by aiming with the animation. Notice that in this game, to score a hit, instead of just aiming the crosshair to your opponent, you gotta make the animation hit him. Depending on what moment of the animation you hit him, it will land faster or slower, so for example, you do a horizontal strike but aiming to hit with the end of the animation, your opponent will have to delay his parry. Other example, you do a horizontal strike but this time aiming to hit with the beginning of the animation, your opponent will have to parry earlier.

    When you don’t understand this, you will die and will not know why. This causes big frustration on noobs tbh. So here is a advice, focus on getting good at parrying stuff, its the hardest thing in the game but its totally worth to learn this early. Watch for your opponent’s torso movement as this will tell you if his attack is a delayed or accelerated one. Aim your parry at the direction your opponent’s weapon is coming, so if you see a attack coming at your left, turn left and parry. Timing is everything tbh. Another advice, in this game your WASD keys have a MAJOR importance, footwork is key. Position yourself correctly and you will avoid many kinds of shit people do.

    This game combat mechanics are revolutionary tier shit man, seriously, you should try it. Expect a hard as fuck game, with huge skill involved, but a REALLY satisfying game at the same time, the sound design is some next level thing as well. When I was a noob, the sound design convinced me to stay and learn the game lol. Also its a fucking funny game man, you will laugh a lot with this. I have now like 2200h and I do strongly recommend it to you. This is a rare gem in these dark times that the video game industry is.

    My advice, learn the mechanics and most important of all, be patient. You will not be good in 2, 3 weaks, maybe in months you will see you still suck, but you will also see that you improved. This game, the better you get at it, the funnier it is. If you are good enough, you can, without too much trouble, take 3 or 4 noobs at the same time, it looks epic and feels great tbh. Go for it mate.

    Have in mind the game is not perfect, by no means. Devs also make funny decisions like not balancing the game anymore and instead drown us with paid skins content. Why you do this Torn Banner, why don’t you make mercs mod official stuff… Seriously, your game would be better for everyone.

  • This is exactly why low rank servers need to be much more limited, or removed. If you don’t want to get stomped and learn from your mistakes and get better over time, then this isn’t the game for you.

  • Is the balancing issue fixed or its still up and running?

  • It’s not ‘fixed’.

    (there are currently ‘low rank’ servers that are for ranks 0 to 15 but honestly they do more harm than good)

  • If you’re new, you should watch some of MoePork’s videos

  • @YKYM-Ado:

    Is the balancing issue fixed or its still up and running?

    Well most noobs will not really notice the balance issues because they simply do not understand the game well enough to be able to distinguish what is truly OP. There is also a MOD called Mercs Mod that attempts to correct some of the imbalances and it is better play than the official version of the game. But much of that will not fall into play till you get to a decent skill level. Point is, for the sale price, if you only play it for a few hours to level 20 you have your money’s worth.

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