Question about archer javelin

  • I’ve seen people use their javelin as a weapon (stabs for example) how do you do that? I can only throw them and that’s it any answers :. ?

  • You know there’s 3 base attacks right? Slash, overhead, and stab. If you do a stab with the javelin, you stab, if you do an overhead you do a shieldbash. LMB is not the only button to attack, you can also use the scroll wheel.

  • shh don’t tell hehe. judging by what you described Mr x its no shocker they are op imo.

  • How to tutorial?

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    i tried to write, but i just laughed a second time.

    How in the FUCK is making a forum account and posting quesitons and waiting for a response then checking the answer supposed to be easier than clicking “play tutorial”.

    Jesus fuck people are retarded. hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaahhaha.

    edit: sorry for being so mean but seriously. its a unique game with new mechanics you need to learn, and you dont even do the tutorial??? like fuck man. thats dumb. it should be mandatory or some shit.

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