• Yesterday I was playing on a server with almost all noobies (<10 rank) except for me and 2 others.

    I was scratching my ass, or maybe picking my ass, as I pressed F3 to forward spawn. After I respawned (still deep in the throes of my ass) I started getting hit from behind. So I quickly pulled my fingers out and grabbed my mouse, immediately leaning back and pressing parry, just in time to get that sweet and totally fun/fair reverse overhead parry. otherwise known as ass parry.

    I then proceeded to slaughter the nooby for trying to get a cheap kill on me.

    He immediately filled the chat with haccusations and said I was doing bullshit and probably hacking. Then he said I did an instant 180 degree parry attack, or some other noob explanation.

    I proceeded to tell him that if you lean back and parry, you will block 360s around you, making you almost unhittable.

    He began calling me a troll and a ****** and that obviously there is no way you can have a 360 forcefield in chivalry, citing the fact that you must aim your parry at their weapon.

    Despite me and the 2 other high levels explaining the reverse parry concept to him, he continued to haccuse me and call me names.

    I draw 2 conclusions:

    1: Noobs are annoying and stupid.

    2: Reverse parries are really unintuitive and probably shouldn’t be in the game. Atleast not in their current 360 forcefield form. It makes noobs and vets alike turn their faces in disgust.

    Nooby Boobies.

  • I find it quite remarkable that some low ranks feel the confidence to accuse people of hacking in a game in which they have played so few hours. Kids these days have a truly inflated sense of their own ability / understanding of (any) game. And it’s not just a rare occurrence… it’s really quite common.

  • Yes. Yes indeed. Young know it alls. The fools! HA!

  • Why can’t TB just include all these tactics into the training guide? ie, 360 parry, 360 swings, instant backswings an all the like that the 50+ ranks have found out how to do
    That way they new players can see which things are part of the game to learn, & which things are really exploits

  • I got called a hacker by a rank 47 the other day. lol (I’m rank 55, 2500+ hours)

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