Fire Arrows

  • Hey would you guys consider adding fire arrows? Not really for offensive purposes, but they would give archers a certain degree of usefulness in team objective, as many objects require setting them on fire. The caveat being the arrow becomes much more inaccurate over distances,does less damage then an average arrow and maybe has a percentage based chance to light the objective on fire.

    I know people’s heads explode here when something is suggested otherwise then a nerf, but it could be something that gives archers more of a use in team objective.

  • no way those things are f’n annoying even when it’s just the bots with them.

  • @LongSun:

    no way those things are f’n annoying even when it’s just the bots with them.

    Not if you nerf the arrow to serve as tactical weapon instead of offensive. An archer would have to be nuts to use an arrow that is less accurate,less damaging.

  • Its not April the 1st yet good try tbh. Its what we need for the op archer to be able to destroy an objective like burn
    the windmill without leaving his base, thus ruining the game for his own team also hehe.

  • I would rather see it as a pickable weapon on maps which would introduce pitch areas that could be burned.

    Also fire arrows would have to deal less damage.

  • Belmez had fire arrows on the wall stage if I remember right.

  • @elwebbaro:

    Belmez had fire arrows on the wall stage if I remember right.

    Yep, Belmez had pickable fire arrows on the braziers found at the top of the wall and on the firepit at the small island. The system worked smoothly when playing local, but in the server testing these arrows only dealt damage in random occasions (they failed to work specially at short distances or that was my impression). After trying several workarounds, we thought this might be due to server-client communication and chose to disconnect the kismet nodes before the custom map contest deadline closed in. It’s a pitty not to have them, cuz the battle seen from afar was visually impressive.

    If anyone is interested, you can find the kismet settings for fire arrows inside Belmez official map (note that trigger nodes are unplugged). We left a small comment indicating the bug. It would be awesome to have TBS solve or explain a solution to this and in turn give more possibilities for new TO maps to come.

  • Just give the Archers colt 45 pistols. What is of more interest is why TB has no mirror
    objects or reflective stuff in the game. I spent hours trying to make mirror reflections
    in Chivalry be that the floor or parts of wall, ideal for duel games plus
    games on lakes.

  • Why in the world do archers “need more usefulness in TO?” They’re already way too OP in TO as it is, definitely no to fire arrows, fire arrows would just counter shields which already don’t do enough to counter archers.

    No. Absolutely not.

  • Instead of colt 45 pistols, an Archers dream is a firebow which explodes on impact, ignites a fireblaze with a charged attack and slows enemies which are set on fire:

  • An idea (or two)…… give classes with shields a control to go into a super defensive stance specifically designed to protect against archers while still advancing on their position, they would sacrifice mobility for greater protection from archers.

    But hey… archers ain’t a problem on console. They are simply to difficult to aim. Why not just make archery require more skill? It worked on console. There is barely any competitive level archers and it is skill to be learned overtime. Could do this by making bows and crossbows harder to aim. Would make sense… irl you wouldn’t have seen a lone archer, there would be a whole section of an army for them because one arrow won’t do anything and they are difficult to aim through instinctive shooting.

    Speaking of instinctive shooting that could be another idea, why not remove the crosshair?

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