Warning to Players, Moderator Abuse

  • Hi guys, REAL AMERICANS here, this will probably be my last post.

    I want to point out there have been a group of new moderators selected to police everyone. I know some of the mods, having played with them a lot, some I know like PDK are pretty good and don’t appear to be too uptight about things, but there has been a new group that pretty much have their heads up their rears.

    the EQs

    These people were not selected very wisely from among the players.

    EQ Shiv for instance, I have personally been griefed by this guy. One time I accidentally Tked him, said sorry, and you know how he responded? He and his buddies got together and started trying to spawn camp me, and did, and then when I started winning they logged in as admin and kicked me.

    EQ Reithur, is holier than thow can do no wrong type of person. Will not admit when he’s made a mistake.

    Butternut, is totally clueless of the intricacies involved in this game with player disagreements.

    I just received a warning from Torn Banner Forums, I have no idea what’s going on, but I have totally been targeted.

    I post this as a warning, these people hold grudges, and they are on a power trip. If you make them mad they will come after you.

    If you are playing in a game with them I would encourage you to avoid their games and find a different one to avoid running into potential difficulties and being banned.

    I love you guys and hate seeing what’s going on with the pillaging of this game for personal vendettas.

    Flame away :encouragement:

    I’ll be surprised if this actually gets posted. No free speech allowed, and anti-American behavior.

    That is all, have a wonderful day.

  • @REAL:

    No free speech allowed, and anti-American behavior.

    Ay caramba, not this again.

  • There is a post on the forums with the official server rules. If you break them after warnings, you run the risk of being banned. I’m sorry you feel this way REAL AMERICANS. Grudges are not being held, and we aren’t on power trips. We just expect everyone to act like adults.

    If you feel like you can follow the rules and would like to play on the official servers again, we’d love to have you back after a sincere appeal. Have a nice day! :)

  • I already made a sincere appeal, and then I messaged you guys about it too, and was ignored.

    You guys act all sweet and innocent for the publics, but people know what’s up.

    I was never warned by the way. Why should I apologize after being attacked and then pwning the griefers? People getting mad at me cause I pwn them, so they switch teams and attack me, and try to tk. Then they die a bunch and I get banned for tking? I apologize for being too good? I mean people try to kick me who are on the opposite team just because I pwn them too much and then they accuse me of hacking.

    I think you should apologize to me.

    I’m not lying though I have been griefed by mods before, and that’s pretty sad. Still being griefed by mods.

  • I show you this.


    You watch.

  • @REAL:

    I already made a sincere appeal, and then I messaged you guys about it too, and was ignored.

    Your appeal did not give me any impression that if we lifted the ban, that you’d stop tking people intentionally. I’m sorry you think you’re being griefed, but if in the future, you think you can control yourself and abide by the rules, like I said, we’d gladly reconsider :)

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