A proposition for weapon order after spawn…

  • Well I already posted this info in bugs so if needed - delete it there or here, well…
    A proposition is like that: to make the only fixed kind of weapon in hands after a spawn for all characters (just like we had in Age of chivalry).
    For example a primary (a primary with a shield If I have it/or without a shield if I have no one). Because for example I choose a knight with primary sword, secondary - axe, and third - shield… First time after that I spawn with a primary weapon in hands - a sword, then Im killed and second time I spawn with secondary weapon in hands - axe, I should switch to sword, then after kill I spawn even with my fists and again - should switch to my sword…
    SO all that time I want to spawn with a primary sword only and don’t want to switch to it every time, again and again…
    It would be great if U implement a kind of spawn weapon order:

    • a primary weapon (without a shield, have I equipped it or have not - nevermind) or
    • a primary weapon with a shield (if I equipped it in that third weapon box)
      Because It should be my decision to switch to secondary or third weapon after spawn but not auto-random.
      And also to add an option: “remember the last used weapon”.

  • Devs, please respond :)

  • @Afijak:

    Devs, please respond :)

    You literally just posted the thread, and no developers are currently browsing the forums.

  • Come on its not even a problem…

    It takes like a second to press 1 and switch back to your primary if you spawned with your secondary weapon

  • For u its not a problem but for others including me it would be very useful and convenient.

  • Dude seriously its just hitting a number

  • Pal, seriously, you see now im talking about things many famous games (I can name them if needed) have as initial prerequisite, and I hope and sure that this new great game (I mean Chivalry) also will implement their experience (especially taking into consideration that the first chivalry game already had this thing).

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