Chivalry`s spin glitch

  • I know many people get sick of me cring about the spinning glitch that is a sure one time kill. Have you guys tried to fix that? Maybe you could make a toggle in the settings when someone owns a server. Nothing is more degrading than to honer ones skill with cheap shots. I know many will retaliate with all manner of excuses of why or why nots about this glitch. is glitch.

    I use unreal engine 4 now and used to use the UDK. Been looking into how to make it an option if others wish to use or not as an option at the start of the game. To actually be good is to be honorable (to cheat is not honorable).Not many care about being honorable they just want there name up.

  • TB said its all part of the game. famous quote from mr tyoson’s utube video. Its more cost effective to say that then
    repair such things, plus profits.

  • Torn banner themselves have denied it’s an exploit and have said it’s part of the design of their real time combat system. Or “part of the game.” I think it ruins the immersion of the game and looks completely stupid, but some people like ballerina spinning contests I guess.

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