We all are Competitive. To cheat or not to cheat.

  • Competitive is a universal quantifier. Meaning it means all things to all people. I have always love sword fighting games from that old wirefram back in the late 70`s(arcade) to Bushido Blade. Chivalry before this Spinning glitch and to vote regardless if any don wrong or not made the game play crap. I still play and prize this among my top 5. What gets me is a newbie can do a spin glitch and end. A clan can vote u off a server cause ur beating them all. Dont get me wrong if you own a server you should be able to kick who ever for any reason. To be competitive in my opinion has many standards. To go into honorable compition has a legit scale different from open game play cause only rules govern it is what is open at time. Compitition where money is involved are legal in certian states and are under different rules.

    Makin a long story short. When I was young I cheated. I am old now so I want to be good for my skill sake. So for myself in chivalry I never use any cheats (doesnt make me bad or good just the way I play). For competition? The game must define what is and isn`t allowed.

    Like the glitches in area of chivalry where u can hide in rocks.


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