Chivalry spin glitch plugin

  • I posted in Unreal engine 4 about this glitch. They said It needed to be here. I personally find this glitch a newbs way to champion. Been workin on a toggle when owners of a server host there own version are able to choose if they allow this handicap or not. Tell me what you guys think.

  • I had to look into your post on the unreal engine 4 forums. Tbh I don’t know what makes you waste so much energy into that but whatever… First of all it’s not a glitch, it’s just a smart use of game mechanics. Not everyone doing hits from the back is playing in 3rd person. This kind of playstyle is really punishable since it requires to give your back to the enemies. I personally just take a step back and attack them while they can’t see or parry. If you are thinking of doing a balance on that, I’d focus on making a first person view only or 3rd person view only server and wouldn’t worry too much about creating a plugin or whatever. Also try backswings for yourself and see if it’s actually helpfull or you or not.

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