Pity about mods

  • Having look about on steam I conclude that mods really ruin this game.
    Utter crap most of them, simply diluting our medieval game. Giantslayers? Blacknight?
    to name but a few I’ve look at today. I blame these horrid mods on the breaking up of
    loyal chivalry players in to factions that eventually simply loose interest in the core
    game and then move onto other games. Most of them even uninstall chiv.

    Why open a high class Restaurant and then allow and setup a few hot dog stands outside
    with a snack bar in side? TB you really need to get a grip on this rubbish if you ever produce
    a second Chivalry game or any game. You need to protect your player base and secure them.
    I vote no for any mods in Future TB games tbh.

  • Mods are the lifeblood of true multiplayer PC games.

  • I don’t know about you, but the lasersword mod was the sole reason I played the game for a few extra months before I quit.

  • Never tired a mod tbh. Map making is quite ok even in Chivalry II if they produce the sequel. Changing values in a core
    game is unacceptable by a serious developer. Although I always advocated a mod specifically for the competitive scene.
    A strict one with parameters as in Quake 3 arena back in the day, clans in the leagues had to have osp with punkbuster.

    If they were the lifeblood of Chivalry then why was the playerbase so fragmented and divided by the mods?
    even privately purchasable maps, hats/skins / weapons are ok. Very good servers will want a custom map
    nobody else has hehe. That is still the case in some game servers today , even in Q3

  • You are complaining about mods on a forum for game that literally started out as a mod.

  • I blame the lack of killstreak perks and nukes.

  • Loin prefers his Chivalry the way it was meant to be played. 95 FOV, no accelerated attacks, no drags, not too much movement, no tricky stuff. Right at his speed.

  • Yes hehe, plus no hitting back

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