What is this Twitter rubbish

  • Amazing that this setup lets everybody think they are some kind of celebrity on twitter with a few followers,
    The line is thin, one slip up or bad remark and its curtains for them. Nobody really cares the colour of
    your dump in the morning or how you brush your teeth or if boris your cat mugged german shepherd dog
    for his cat food last night and the police are pressing charges. Having said that Why doesn’t Steve piggot
    or any of the developers have a twitter account were we can actually see what kinds of chaps they are.

    Playerhayter has one, as does Kimiko, Why can’t we have more insight into the very people
    we made wealthy from Chivalry TB? Do you even have signed tee shirts or marketing goodies
    such as mouse matts? designed for a players class he plays.

  • Are you a closet twitter user? hehe

  • Never used it ever or fackbook? any social sites apart from posting some images on imgur privately mainly.
    Although I do have a few billionaires colleagues who invited me to join linkin? some kind of cv site. Giving it
    some thought I could actually get a farm of servers sponsored for years by them. What is it about plebs
    posting everything about themselves online? such as twitter, entire job history and lifes linkin? Utube is full
    of millionaires I read today in the bbc news, from just making utube vidoes?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • So what do you suggest because TB gave up on its site and communicating to its player base here that we should
    now all simply join one of those big social network sites as twitter? This site was made for us Chivalry players to
    use as a hub duh. Why should we be rationed to 1 time a week because Twitter is more pc nowdays?

  • Talking of Linkin in my previous post I got an email out the blue from the Death wish coffee company chief requesting
    to add me to his professional network on linkedin? I’ve yet to try the coffee tbh

  • TB racist hates blacks and whites but favours chinese and use twitter to spread their negative brainwaves. Get jesse ventura on this conspiracy. Or the hardy boys.

  • Why oy that sounds like a lou reed song tbh
    I brought that lou reed album New York on tape on its first release.

  • @Oy:

    TB racist hates blacks and whites but favours chinese and use twitter to spread their negative brainwaves. Get jesse ventura on this conspiracy. Or the hardy boys.

    Remember the anti-white HIV bioterrorism plot funded by Chuck Norris and carried out by the illuminati on the 90s via chemtrails and how Norris daughter’s friend is married to this Twitter investor… Just got this anonymous reptilian leak.

  • That moon landing was made on somebodys 3rd floor balcony I read hehe. It could have been early lucas tbh ;p
    As for those foot prints on the moon , it was infact the butter in a dimly lit fridge for the effect

  • grumbles I joined Twitter, This means with my 100 thousand followers I can find Torn banner on twitter to
    get up close and ask questions this community needs answered ;p

  • Actually its a very interesting website tbh

  • I followed you on twitter

  • He really cuts the Mustard that Mr Knifelegs tbh

  • scrub my previous ramblings, its quite a good sight tbh, 2 large gaming communities and a pair of developers
    invited me to join them. Plus I have a celebrity or three following me .

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