Some feedback and reasons why I don't log in as often…

  • While I love the game and it’s strong foundation, there are just some gamebreaking things which I can’t look past for a game that I want to play for hours a day. I absolutely love how you focused on the melee combat, lots of game modes and the overall atmosphere of the game. There is so much to like, but like most games which have a lot of content, there are a lot of issues.

    • Some maps are just way too foggy. It’s cool in the beginning, but then it just feels cheap and irritates my eyes. Perhaps it’s preferance, but I can’t stand it anymore.
    • Maps, while only being small/medium sized, still have a lot of ways to get to where you need to cross. I’ve found them to be very well designed and besides the small things you get stuck on from time to time I haven’t had any major issues or found some huge design flaw that needs emergency care.
    • Game modes! There are a lot of them, and while I usually love rush type modes where you unlock A to get to B and finally C, I find the ones in Chivalry ones are a wee bit boring and not engaging enough. Hacking away at some wood door for X amount of damage with no alert of people attacking there, or any cool effects to make it seem like you’re actually doing anything besides attacking wood is very meh (suggestion: red sword cross as icon over the A and B door if someone is engaging them). On the same map, 2nd node, you have to open a gate. However, by just standing next to the wheel it automatically turns it. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’d prefer people having to actually press some button to do it. Just more engaging this way. Perhaps have at least one person actively push the wagon as well? Everything is just done by some magic fairy at the moment and people often left the objetive to go PK as they feel it’s irrelevant if they’re there or not as long as one dude just sits on top of the object until he dies and then someone else does it. I much prefer the system that’s used on the map where you have a king and to get into the castle you have to knock down the gate and one person needs to be protected. Maybe it’s just me.
    • While there are some negatives, there are still tons of game modes to choose from! Free-for-all isn’t going to be something everyone likes, but it’s a blast to play when you’ve unlocked a new weapon and you just want to swing on everything that moves to test it out. Tons of fun can be had in the game mode, especially when people are being social and sort out 1v1 matches. Perhaps a 1v1 duel mode could be put in? Would be an absolute blast to have 10 people on a server and 2 guys spawn and the winner meets the next person of the 8 waiting and so on. I believe the Jedi Knight multiplayer had a similar system.

    There’s also king of the hill which is a blast, last man standing, team death match until a certain score and soon capture the flag. There’s so much to play even if some of them have issues and can frustrate even the best of players.

    • Archers: I believe Totalbiscuit mentioned it already, but archers are extremely boring to play as they are now. Hits don’t feel rewarding enough, perhaps it’s the SFX that needs to a remake. The loading system for your next arrow is very long, and basically boils down to you just standing there. You can’t kick, you can’t switch weapons fast, so even in close combat it’s often worth trying to shoot that last arrow instead of pulling out a melee weapon which won’t swap before the enemy attack. Also, the crosshair is super inaccurate. It’s far too big and a simple dot could do what it already does and more. Not way to precison shoot currently.
    • There are different types of weapons and even javelin and shield are in! nice variaton to the class for sure. Just a bit too passive for it to be fun in the long run.
    • Javelins are completely broken for me. Blocking takes a year to do after throwing a javelin, and the X axis just completely brakes at times and I’m left with Y axis to aim. Also unlocking things as javelin seems impossible. No matter how many I kill I’m still stuck at 25 more.
    • Like said above, it’s nice that it’s in, just sucks that it doesn’t work.
    • Vanguard: Fast and heavy damage. However, their special jump attack is worthless. Not only will you get counter-attacked at the same time, but it can easily be parried or dodged. I would like this removed completely and changed to something passive or more useful active ability. Also while I know this isn’t a vanguard issue, but a skilled MAA 1-hander player will absolutely shit on vanguards. Same with archers… you know what, 1 handers shit on anything 2-hander it seems. Perhaps it’s the speed, or maybe it’s the combo system as a whole, but vanguards aren’t something I consider a threat on the field compared to MAA (man-at-arms).
    • Vanguard: Run fast and feel fairly agile! Their 2 handers are badass and far more enjoyable than using a 2 hander as knight. Can do insane amount of damage using the combo system and is the perfect class to learn the game with. However, like I mentioned above, the more talented people you play against, the more you will see the obvious weaknesses of it. Still, a solid foundation and with some minor changes I’m sure it could be a lot better!
    • Knight: I don’t really play the class, so I don’t know what to say, but they seem well rounded as it is with their shield, 1h and 2h combos. Lots of health, but not the most agile class. Probably suffer from the same issues facing people using 1h combo spam.
    • Like the minuses, I don’t know exactly what it does best, but it seems like an overall well rounded class that can charge in and do fairly well against anything.
    • Man-At-Arms: My least favorite class to play as and against. I dislike the dodge mechanic simply because it can be abused in 1v1s. I understand the game may not be balanced around 1v1s, but 1h spam as MAA seems to be the best thing there is. No vanguard can compete against a competent MAA and archers get wrecked left and right, etc. I’m not sure if the dodge needs a removal of frontal dodge, cooldown or what it is that needs to be done, but both the 1 handers and dodge mechanic seems to be just a bit too effective.
    • Super agile, really squishy, and has a super entertaining dodge ability which will drive any archer mad and give you an upper hand against 2 handers if used right. Definitely a different pacing to the game when using this class.
    • Graphics. Still missing in-game settings like AA and Antisotropic filtering. Also no SLI support or guide on how to turn it on using some other game profile. Engine also limiting to 90 active FPS.
    • Besides FPS, the engine is great and while the game may not look the best, you still have a lot of nice effects and lightning. Some more options to configure and sliders to move, it’ll be perfect!
    • Keybinds. I frankly have no issues with binding my stuff, but a good point was brought up when someone linked mouse raider to have two abilities on one bind. So you can feint and parry using your right mouse button. It’s far more intuitive and would make learning the game for new players a lot easier. Could possibly be a nice addition to the game.
    • Does what they’re supposed to. No issues here.
    • Weapons don’t remain unlocked most of the time.

    Last thing I have to say which is the thing that like in theory, but absolutely hate in practise: Combo system. In a 1v1 it’s fantastic. It has a lot of depth and can be used as a feint of sorts, but in 99% of the gameplay which are group fights it’s dreadful. It promotes and rewards you for spamming. It really does. Either you spam and hit the person multiple times, or you get parried and in which case your opponent helped you out by saying, no, stop spamming as im now doing an attack, to which you reply with a parry or dodge. It’s really that simple. Spam until parry and then react to what he’s doing. Often I see people killing 2-3 guys by just panic hammering his mouse and it’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t be rewarded for this, you should be actively punished. Either increase the stamina drain or make missed combos punish you speed and reaction wise. This is half the reason I don’t want to log into Chivalry, which sucks as I love the game.

    EDIT: Some armor customization or even character ones could be nice. Something to show you’ve reached a certain level or done something amazing, just anything.

    I wrote this all in one go as I don’t feel like I would’ve gotten it done if I didn’t. So excuse the bad formatting and grammar/spelling. I’m sure there are things I forgot and left out, but the most important things should be there. Thanks for reading and let’s keep this constructive even if you disagree!

  • -Vanguard charge attack is pretty useful.
    -I didn’t feel any fogginess?
    -Combo system is fine as it is. It doesn’t actually reward you for spamming, it is pretty easy to parry/block too. Also in a war, people tend to swing their weapons.

    Other than that, i agree.

  • I agree on some but Vanguard can pull out his secondary if he can’t keep distance on MAA. There was something else you posted but I forgot. I will edit this post later if I remember lol.

    Oh yeah, the fog. I wasn’t sure what you were getting at there. It doesn’t block your line of sight at close or far range.

  • Wow, I honestly just disagree with almost everything you’ve just said.

    Foggy maps? Never really noticed, but now that you mention, yeah I guess so. Never bothered me in the slightest.

    Game modes, yeah, it would be fun if certain objectives had more interaction instead of just standing next to it, but I find the objectives overall very creative and original, and I enjoy them a lot.

    Archer… Well, I never play Archer, or definitely not much at least. I always tell myself it’s just a pussy class, but honestly, I just plain suck at it. Nonetheless, on the rare occasions that I did play Archer, I found it rather enjoyable. Especially the arrowcam. Dat whistling sound.

    Javelineers… I play them even less, but they’re known as a melee/ranged hybrid. Even back in AoC, this was a class that required a lot of skill to play effectively. You had to be good in both ranged and melee combat and you had to know when your ranged side would give you more of an edge or your melee side. I think it’s only normal that you can’t throw javelins in someone’s face and block immediately afterwards. That would just be game-breaking.

    Vanguard’s jump attack is definitely not worthless. Not only do you rapidly cover a large area, you also deal increased damage. Perfect for hunting down archers, or other scared targets or catching someone from the back. Everyone I know loves it.

    You counter 1h combo spam by a well-placed kick followed immediately afterwards with an overhead. People that do that will often be completely surprised and you’ll just mow them down.

    Yeah, MAA is one deadly class. But only when mastered. And it is definitely not easy to do that. If you do face such an extremely advanced and experienced player, just search for some cover with teammates and take him down with a bit of coordination. After all, it is a teamgame.

    I find the graphics damn well done. Don’t forget that this is indie and TornBanner’s first game, and if you ask me, they’ve done a damn well job on the graphical side.

    You counter spamming by blocking. Simple. Interrupt his combo and it’s your turn to attack. Against multiple enemies I do find combo’s amusing. Because they’re with so many versus one, they often race for the kill and just completely forget about their own defense. Don’t do that, even a single person against a group of persons remains a threat. Especially if it’s a guy with a big 2hander.

  • @Siegfried

    1. Glad the fog doesn’t bother you, but perhaps you’re now able to see why it could bother other people. Especially when it’s there on a lot of the maps.

    2. Again, it’s cool that you enjoy the game modes, as do I, but we seem to agree on that they could use some improvements.

    3. Archer isn’t horrible by any means, and playing from time to time will make it seem alright, but try playing it for longer durations and you’ll see what I mean.

    4. I didn’t mean Javelin should be instant and parry as well, but currently you can only throw mid-range javelin, as if you throw them far you won’t hit due to gravity and them being far more heavy than a regular arrow, and if you throw them close to mid-range you can’t block and will die. The duration of the block needs to be fixed. This isn’t a matter of skilled players do this and that, and I would suggest you playing this some more before we discuss it further.

    5. Vanguard jump attack does ncrease damage? either way, it won’t happen against any experience player. You simply won’t hit them or they will return a blow and ultimately you’d been better off going into a proper duel.

    6. Kicks and parry does by no means counter spam, you simply give them a chance to parry if they’re half decent. Kick into attack does not provide you a free hit, it’s the same as parry into hit.

    7. It’s indeed a team oriented game, but tell me why they should be able to ‘‘dodge’’ forward? Wouldn’t that be charge? Seems a bit silly.

    8. The graphics are solid and the lighting is nice. My point remains however, we need more settings for things the engine already supports, such as AA and the rest.

    9. Yes, I believe this is what I wrote. But I also believe I wrote in detail why that doesn’t suffice as a punishement for mindlessly spamming.

    I’ve played since beta, and perhaps it’s just that I’ve played so many hours more on certain classes and therefore see it in a different view, or maybe it’s just preference. Either way, thanks for your opinion on my feedback. Can’t say I agree, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Cheers!

  • Also, could anyone confirm if it’s intended that you’re supposed to be able to run while aiming your bow? If you hit shift at the right time while you grab a new arrow, you can sprint while aiming. Fun and works wonders with short bow.

  • @Xaviz:

    Also, could anyone confirm if it’s intended that you’re supposed to be able to run while aiming your bow? If you hit shift at the right time while you grab a new arrow, you can sprint while aiming. Fun and works wonders with short bow.

    This doesn’t sound intended to me, although bows do lose a lot of accuracy while sprinting, so it seems like you were originally meant to be able to fire while sprinting.

  • It’s because the Crosshairs are class based, not weapon based (obviously it’ll set a ranged Crosshair for ranged weapons) but the numbers related to Crosshair size are tied with the class you have chosen. You can run while throwing Javs and eventually sprint-based throws will do more damage.

    That’s definitely not intended though, and thanks for reminding me, it’ll go on the bug list.

  • On the topic of javelins;

    Kills resulting from a thrown javelin are not giving credit towards the next weapon unlock. I needed to get 25 melee kills with the javelin in order to unlock the short spear.


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