The Smash Brothers Documentary


    Really cool documentary about the Smash Bro’s competitive community’s history and the rise and fall of both players and tournaments. It’s a bit long but worth the watch I think.

    I enjoyed watching competitive Smash at EVO and such and it’s interesting how long it’s been going on for. Learning the history surrounding it and the inside perspectives from long-time players gives quite a fresh perspective on the game an its community.

    Just thought I’d share.

  • Never heard of it, it looks like streetfighter video game? Did you ever master Fatal fury or world heroes, art of fighting on the
    neo geo? People used to travel from far away places to play me on that system. Its a pity that system was before its time.
    The arcade games could be played at home with full size sprites, expensive but a good gamers utopia back in the day…

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