ATOM vs HoB and ATOM vs HoB #2

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    i do not really know why there are two different HoB teams… perhaps after the clan kicked out Venzan 2 members tried to claim the position as clan leader? anyway at this point there are 2 HoB clans
    one lead by “Charon”
    another lead by “King of misfit”
    i have received some messages and seen some posts regarding these two wars, so here are the results.

    the first war we fought against HoB lead by “venzan”

    this was the first match, an LTS fought on their host (pro slayer)

    7-0 win for ATOM.

    After this match ended “venzan” abandoned his troops and was kicked out of the clan.
    The next day Charon took over the clan and we continued the war as planed.

    Unfortunately I was unable to recover the second LTS, and the first and second TO from my phone.
    ATOM did however win these matches.

    Here is the third and final TO

    Although this was very one sided I have a lot of respect for what Charon did. GGs to him.

    now the second war against HoB was lead by “king of misfit”

    Match 1: kendo

    7-0 win for ATOM

    match 2: LTS HoB host

    7-1 win for ATOM.

    match 3: LTS ATOM host

    7-0 win for ATOM

    match 4: TO HoB host

    3-0 win for ATOM

    match 5: TO ATOM host

    3-0 win for ATOM

    now what is an “i end zombies” post without a little salt? after these wars some of chivalry’s most notorious trolls keep talking trash. they claimed i was “carried by my clan” and that Im “nothing without them”
    Now Im flattered they think so highly of my clan members… but I think the scores I posted speak for themselves.
    However I dueled them anyway just to shut them up.

    AKA “derpyfries” I think he name changed to avoid backlash from getting slaughtered.

  • After we lost against ATOM, we became the underdog clan known as The Stygian Blades, officially breaking off from HoB then, leaving them without an official competotive scrim team. Zombies and company gave a great fight. I expected nothing less from ATOM. Zombies is doing good in running that clan. Keep up the good fights and keep that strength high.

    To add to this, Misfit came in on Saturday and Sunday while I was living life and tried to train my men without my permission. I found out part of the story and tried to fill in gaps, so my story got twisted. Anyway, Misfit was trying last night to get The Stygian Blades to join up with House of Sapphire to be a bigger clan. After numerous advices regarding King’s behaviour and council with my other two commanders, we decided not to merge with HoS. It didn’t help with his behaviour toward my members either, showing his true colours. So right now, The Stygian Blades is no longer affiliated with any sort of House of Blades incarnation and House of Sapphire.

  • Got your anus flipped inside out bud

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