A server pool suggestion

  • My suggestion to TB & Admins.
    To setup a server pool of a few selected servers in Euro/Usa a few other regions also. Sea/Auz/s…
    any missed not intentional but geography was not a thing ever studied.

    Instead of Banning Globally or locally simply all those players to be simply put in the server pool of pubs.
    These servers are were known trolls of in game harassment ie vote calling , team killing etc racisim
    with all the others missed.

    IN the only servers they can still get access to they are then actually left to deal with each other hehe.
    its also a chance for redemption as admins can pop in and check if a character is reforming to be
    un-excluded from normal official pub servers. Its purgatory tbh but with a chance to get out.

    What ever the class ie exploiter/helicopter/packetdroppers/racist/vocal abuse/troll voting etc .
    TB also gets to retain customers who might purchase goodies once redeemed etc.

  • Ain’t that just official servers and non official servers?

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