Chivalry causes PC to lock up completely and then restart, help!

  • hey there, first time poster here for this issue.

    ive played about 60+ hours of Chivalry with no issue but now i seem to be doomed to an unplayable mess, and am about to ask for a refund from steam because I’ve tried just about everything I know.

    with no changes to software or updates to the game or modifications, i was just playing the game as normal and all of a sudden my computer froze, the display turned grey, and the fans started running high. i had to manually restart my computer. i tried playing again and BAM, AGAIN, frozen … but the second time it restarted on its own. now it has been doing this for 3 days and i feel like ive tried everything … and no forum answers can fix it.

    here is what i tried over the course of 72 hours…

    i have tried lowering all settings to far beyond the lowest of the system requirements, ive deleted config files then verified my cache (as per other fixes to similar issues), reinstalled the entire game, reinstalled windows (legit copy), and now i have even started using a different steam user in the hopes that server stored data will be refreshed, BUT NOPE! STILL FREEZES. also, running steam as an administrator and disabling the steam UI overlay does not help. ONLY THIS GAME FREEZES.

    im literally running out of ideas!

    can anyone help? even after all of this i will start the game up no problem, get into a game, then all of a sudden after a few minutes the whole game locks up, the display turns off, and the fans run high. this ONLY HAPPENS IN CHIVALRY. my other games run fine for hours on this PC. what in gods name is happening?!

    my system specs:
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
    12GB RAM
    Intel i7 2.67GHz Quad Core
    GeForce 580 GTX Ultra

    my issue seems to be very similar to this one…
    … and i have read other users that have just given up.

    please help! i don’t want to have to send my copy of Chivalry to the gallows!

    Agatha rules

  • Wish I could help when it comes to specifics. I’ll forward it!

  • I had the exact same problem…
    I have tried literally everything!
    And I have finally found a solution…
    I have 64 bit Windows… but I need to run Chivalry in 32 bit…and it works…! (pretty stupid solution…but it works!)
    So…when you run the game through Steam, you chose 32 bit version of the game…and enjoy!

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