Butternut Admin Part 2

  • She’s a terrible mod. Last time I played on official server I was fixing my mouse, the scroll cursor, while running and I accidentally swung and hit butternut. I should have said sorry, but being a black helmet I figured she would know its an accident. These things happen, but she obviously held a personal grudge, and it sounds like she’s doing a brilliant job as a moderator by ignoring cursing and racism and banning rank 50 players for bogus reasons.

  • I had no idea that was a woman mod tbh. The fact is the boat has sailed, I have no comments about american admins as
    its not a region played in by me. By the looks of it TB has infact left this game near completely as an inheritance to the
    existing team of moderators unofficially. They will come back briefly when another season is here for a quickie in the
    buy this please mode hehe. Then off again for weeks/months again. Try not to keep hitting that moderator in a game
    its not the brightest thing to do you know.

  • Loin here’s my theory.

    Dudeface was all: we need to regulate.

    Butternut: I’ll help.

    Dudeface was like: omg a girl that plays chiv let’s make her a mod, nevermind how she has a mere fraction of experience actually playing this game.

    And now they operate on banning quotas. Every mod is to ban 5 players a week, like a cop writing a speeding ticket. This will make people mad and drive traffic to our website, and make us look more relevant.

  • Rank 50+ bans are worth 2.

  • I was invited to be a head mod on a 40k strong community plus they detest teaming in ffa games and its an almost
    instant global ban for ever. Some times Real americans its worth peeping at how other gaming communities feel
    about certain things, in this game most of them seem to think teaming in a free for all is normal including admins.
    Where as its not in any other game. I don’t see any bans for 9 months since mr knifelegs left for annoying exploiters
    or glichy toon players. Are you sure they are banning so many as I’ve never looked at it deeply since mr Knife left.

  • @dudeface:

    Rank 50+ bans are worth 2.

    Now look you got him on your case hehe. good show tbh, I’m off to finish a martial arts movie, saved the best parts for later.

  • This is a bold-faced lie, actually. The last time we played together, the general public complained about you intentionally team killing, so I spectated and watched you do it for a solid 3 minutes. I don’t ignore racism and derogatory language, but I do ignore minor cussing, unless it turns toxic. I’m a good admin who caught you doing something bad, and for that I am not sorry :)

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