High ping on local servers…?

  • Have anyone experienced getting high ping on servers that should be local to you? I’m EU so I play on servers from UK, DE, NL, etc. and normally I have a stable 40-50 ping these places. But sometimes when I join a server, my ping is suddenly 150-200. It never goes down and I can feel the lag while playing. The server browser also seems to randomize it, sometimes it says 40 ping on a server, then it changes to 200 if i refresh the list - but it’s still a EU server.

    Sometimes restarting the game fixes it, but today I tried both restarting the game and my computer but the issue is still there. I am certain I have nothing running in the background, so I feel like it’s some kind of ping bug in the game. Have anyone else tried this?

  • If no one else on the server is experiencing the same, then it could well be your internet connection.

  • Bik DDos tbh

  • If you are playing on WiFi, stop. Get a cable and play wired. The max internet speed you will get on WiFi, IF everything is perfect on 80211N is only 300 MB/s but average bandwidth is typically only 144 MB/s Where as wired you could potentially get 1 GB of speed. So if you are on average wireless speed of 144 MB/s and someone else on you network starts streaming music/video or is downloading something, your ping will go to shit instantly. Also if your wireless router is close to a Microwave oven (30-40 ft), an oven will wipe out your wireless signal when it is in use due to it creating a small EMP field from the magnatron inside the oven.

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