ATOM vs HoG attempt #4

  • Wow he’s hating on everyone :o

  • Banned

    I already know I’m going to shit on these little trolls…. I think every one else does too tbh 'nuff said

  • @RebornChief:

    HoG is garb yet I have wins in duels to every last one of your memebers in both mine and their host. Ive never lost a duel to a FG ever.
    well see if we get 7-0d early then quit like pussies cough but regardless. You’re literraly 14 and sound like a 12 year old. Calm down. Everyone in this game knows HoG is the only real challenge left for atom zombies can go out challenging noob clans like the stygian blades all day and shit but I could solo their whole clan war squad lol at the end of the day the only clans that matter are SDS HoG and Atom thats it. FG would get ate by SDS’s NA squad lol beat them HoG or Atom then talk.

    FG is all 10 yr olds. #fact.

    Sentinel,B00ger knight, myself and Boot can all beat you on your own host, while playing shitty loud music down the mic. You were garbed by us on our host and you even said how sentinel was wrecking you on YOUR OWN HOST…
    You refuse to scrim us, You get beaten by us. Myself and my clan have beaten your members and we have destroyed dark Kino.

    We are not all 10 year old you disgusting brute, even if we were then some 10yr olds garb you. Embarrassing!?!?

    #Get your head out of your ass

  • Hehehehehehe…n00b clan. While its true we’re new to the scene and the underdogs in every fight, Stygian Blades has fighters that can hold their own against some of the bigger dogs in the game. Even I can surprise a veteran big dog with a kill 1v1 or in a team match when I decide to try to be good at this game instead of dicking around and playing like a rookie. We can give a fun fight, that can’t be disputed. Plus we’re not going to be salty ragequitters and/or bad sports. We accept our losses and learn from them. I will thank ATOM Clan for helping us reforge ourselves.


  • @VizualDeciple:


    clinks bottles together

  • @I:

    I already know I’m going to shit on these little trolls…. I think every one else does too tbh 'nuff said

    Can’t wait for Atom to crush HoG!

  • Hehehehehehehe

  • I bet you just wanted to type “Hehe” but you can’t because of the ten char thing.

  • ye basically

  • Banned

    Guys from the information I’m getting from my clan members reborn and Zian aren’t even going to fight in The war… They say hero will be there and they won’t say anything else.

    i just want to say two things… If there is all this hype and I end up fighting only hero and his crew of terrible scrub members from “kino” Im going to be pissed.

    Second is… If im right Zian and reborn are refusing to commit to being part of the war because they know they will lose. It is a great copout for them, this way reborn and Zian get to pussy out and send hero and the rest of KINO to fight for them. This way when they lose they can claim the win means nothing due to there absence.

    Basically reborn and zian better be there with their members or you are all pussies… I’m calling it now guys.

  • Haha. Fucking called out.

  • Still won’t work. The top dogs of HoG won’t do it. I would do it, even if I got massacred. Hell, if this is the case, Zombies could Knight+Messer them in a 1v7. The kid is #1 on the leaderboard for a damn reason. Anywho, once I get enough skilled guys, I will be Scrimming and Clan Waring bigger clans. If GRAVESxxGrimm and Zian “pussy out,” Zombies, massacre their flunkies and deliver theor heads on pikes and the rest of their bodies on a corpse wagon.

  • @General:

    I’m glad there’s scum like you to make the rest of us look good ;)

    We have something to agree on firefly

  • @King:

    We have something to agree on firefly

    Lol since when

  • Look at the quote numb nut.

  • They asked B00ger Knight to scrim for them…

  • @King:

    They asked B00ger Knight to scrim for them…

    Seriously? smh

  • I think they may be forgetting what side b00ger is on now

  • lol so true xD

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