Butt parries to the max

  • Anyone who has played this game for a long time will probably agree that the most annoying and frustrating thing about this game are the inconsistencies. I seem to have found something that’s very consistent however, butt parries….

    Seriously they aren’t some anomaly that happens every now and then, for me they occur regularly. I think they are more common when your using a longer weapon, the amount of times I’m behind a guy with a shield and my stabs keep going though him only to be blocked, and yes I said STABS, because its not just one attack that’s getting butt parried. Obviously its not just shields normal parries seem to do this as well, although I feel its more common with them.

    And just to rub it in your face the game all to often decides that your perfectly good parry wasn’t good enough and allows your enemies weapon to phase right through and hit you (sometimes it even adds the sound of the parry or sparks just to mess with you). And again this happens with shields as well.

    I’m really struggling to take the combat in this game seriously when the game seems to punish me for getting around peoples parries and shields only to punish me again for parrying correctly, which is a shame because chiv makes a great competitive game.

    And as torn banner don’t seem to want to fix this issue or the many other issues with this game (there are alot), the best I can do is ask other experienced players, how do you deal with the butt parry? do you stab at the legs, is there something I should know about dealing with this? should I feint the guy not facing me in hope that he drops his shield…? Should I kick the guy and hope it doesn’t phase though him? maybe taunt him until he turns around? or do you embrace it and use it again the enemy? are you the type to run butt first into battle?

    end of rant

  • For shields it happens all the time I don’t even bother approaching people with shields, and if I have to I just blatantly spam attacks to drain stamina, no point trying to hit around 360 shield.

    But what’s crazy, backparries somehow happen on people that don’t have a shield and aren’t actively parrying, happened to me like 15-20 times. Once I sneak up on a knight casually walking pretty far from battle, I stab him in the back with billhook and get parried. Guy just turns around and seems just as surprised as me.

  • I hate it when I know my opponent will die in one hit, he parries the wrong way, I go “huehue ez kill” yet he parries my attack magically and can then riposte, although he should be dead and I already turned around to see if someone else is incoming from behind.

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