Too many ghost hits . wtf?

  • All atacks have same reliability as kick now.What did you do torn banner?
    Anyone experince this?
    Its extremly annoying parring/hitting nothing but air

    Needs fix asap

  • I see what you mean, when in combat the other day as I hit my opponent with sword half my body passed through him
    starting my attack off with a kick to hit with sword.

  • It’s always been like that?

  • It’s more annoying when the opponents sword phases through you and you try to parry it, but it doesn’t connect at all, then they hit you with their combo.

  • @INerevar:

    It’s always been like that?

    no .it was rare its more common after the recent patches (ok its not that bas as kick right now.but its far more frequent then before)

  • I get this often against those exploiting animation breaking glichy vans, spinning towards me with a sequence of bs moves.
    Makes it worse off knowing that I did hit them a few times in some cases but passed through them. Lets not even start
    on the ones employing the 70 ping 30 ping jump up in combat every time your about to beat them. I blame a lot of
    scripted packet rubbish and to much toonyness nowdays in game effecting entire latency of Chivalry throughout
    the kingdom.

  • Banned

    Guys this is very common on the Xbox 360. They are often caused by the attempt to parry twice before the sword hits you or spamming fient multiple times b4 you attack. I hope you see the connection between the two… The act of pressing a button/key rapidly is the root cause, I think you will find that as more 360 players transfer to PC you will see more “insivable swings” it is due to the play style of 360/console players… More spam oriented and panicked, also seeing as you guys had a free week end recently I bet lots of noobs that Are unfamiliar with the game, came in spamming creating an abundance of unblockable attacks, odd are if it was an experience player, they were doing it on purpose. There are some on the 360 console now that have mastered it like an art…from what I’ve seen Its easy to do with a bad connection so check your opponents ping.

  • I really think the pings 70 upwards either know or don’t know the effect on the rest pinged at 16 to 44 ish in the uk
    for example. This game is seriously effected by differences of 40 ping I’d guess. With all these 70 pingers to 128
    wining on the uk pubbys, I have to ask were do they come from ? I myself will not resort to finding servers were
    I ping 70 up to 200 to get ahead that way. Some ranked heavy players do this purposely on the lower ping servers
    were they really just want to farm/out of snyc, You don’t see them dominating on servers were they all have
    pings the same like theirs. From now on I will check every player my foot passes through or half my torso in
    combat as he kills me hehe. tbc

  • Display a players ping above their head so we can prepare for the bullshit.

  • @Hammertime:

    Display a players ping above their head so we can prepare for the bullshit.

    this problem has nothing to do with pings

  • Well it might, just last night after it happened again a swift check revealed my foewas on 568 ping?
    I told him your ping is near 600 , he just said yes I know.

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