Pre-Round broken

  • Hi,

    the last patch broke the pre-round mode in Horde Sandcastle (as well as Horde Town?) for TO2 game modes.
    10 sec until the round starts after the first player spawned instead of killing the king.

    In Crypts it works fine, the round starts after the skulls are hit. No countdown.

    I didn’t spot anything in the settings nor does the Initialize Game Variables Kisemt Node do anything.

    How to disable this preround countdown?


  • Ok, I didn’t find an other way around this apart from disabling it in code…

    Added this to the game class:

    function bool ShouldCountDown() {
             return false;

    And tested Horde Town again: same issue there. Chat message prompts you to kill the king to begin the match but after 10 seconds of immobility it starts anyway… and again if the king is killed afterwards.

    Probably should be moved to bugs section because Horde Town is now an official map.

  • Hm, there’s a note in the recent patch:

    • Fix: Warmup doesn’t count down when one team is occupied only by bots

    Possibly broke something? Didn’t think that would affect to2 maps. Not sure what those other horde maps are doing differently from Crypts though. I will inquire about it.

  • Would be nice if the change didn’t affect TO2 maps.

  • Developer

    Sorry about this. Will see about throwing this into the upcoming hotfix.

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