Ban excuses the good ones

  • Well I popped out to pick up an Indian takeaway when my cat Alfred jumped on to my steam profile
    where he started team killing his team with a maul.

    What about these vac ban clowns, why do you even post on the hub to say it wasn’t you but
    your twin or an old vac ban that just decided to re ignite today and ban you again.

    I admit I was present as a team of Agatha’s spawn killed players in base but in my defence
    I only killed one player as he spawned not above 7 like my now removed friends from steam.

  • I might not get on with some of the admins but in every ban’s appeal they were fair, if you knew how long it takes to sif
    through servers and logs to then get the right ip ban in place, let alone the ip tables and old skool ways of banning.

    Its not a case of mistaken identity your here so try to be genuine and remorseful. Did it even occur to you to
    go and find the players you upset in the game to say sorry to them also
    as part of your appeal against the ban?

  • I’d like to see the team fire burners banned. I have to question the logic of eve putting fire pots in a game
    without the team damage being shown or registered by the ones blatantly killing the same team on every
    server, why even stalking to harrass players across servers as man at arms to burn them on site

  • slightly off topic but I have a Canadian clown on my Sword recruitment thread in steam hehe.
    would one of you admins kindly remove his banter. If I have upset any Canadians I do apologise.
    pm me if you want to banter or make jokes its quite ok.

  • Thank you much appreciated

  • You know what I love about console chivalry? You can get away with anything ^^

  • The pictures you make don’t make sense loin, but they’re unique. You should try to sell your collection to some museum of mental illness.

  • Why are they so angelical on the appeals hehe. Why butter wouldn’t melt at all tbh

    I don’t understand the ban, all I did was cut off my team mates head and then he hit me??

  • Loin, You sure are a character.
    I like it laugh

  • I was only pretending to hit that team mate, you know this as he said in Friday the movie.

    Another team killer example

  • Did we have any king killers from the kings team banned yet? What kind of excuse would that be tbh.

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